Twitch emotes: what is Twitch Chat, What is ‘Pepega’ in Twitch chat?

twitch chat Pepega
twitch chat Pepega

what is Pepega

Pepega is a BTTV emote we use on Twitch. It is based on the character Pepe the Frog, and most notably, it is used to spam when someone is perceived as stupid or with a mental disability. It can also be used when someone does something strange or wrong on the platform. According to many, Pepega is the politically correct way of saying "retard". Emotes are most commonly used on Twitch and Forsaken's subreddits.

Pepega Better is available on TwitchTV, a browser extension that can enhance the Twitch chat experience with things like an endless amount of customization and new emotions.

Calling someone Pepega is basically an insult to their intelligence, so be careful when using Twitch Chat and Pepegas fills up the window.

When and where did Pepega come from?

Pepega was first used in a Discord conversation in April 2018, where a user named "Edu" misspelled the Discord code of a meme, missing the second colon, which is apparently derived from the name. It was added to the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension.

How do you get Pepega?

If you want to get Pepega in Twitch chat, you'll need to download the BTTV extension for your browser. This free browser extension will let you see any expressions in the chat that your favorite Twitch streamer has activated.

what is Twitch Chat

The special thing about Twitch Chat is that sometimes, it will turn into emotional spam. And other times, those expressions only show up as words in the chat window. This is possible because the emote is available outside of Twitch and is viewed through a browser extension called BetterTwitchTV or FrankerfaceZ.

Some expressions here are joy, sarcasm, or giftedness but most are not as good.

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