What Really Happened Between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss? Ariana Madix Speaks Out

Ariana Madix Speaks Out on Tom Sandoval and Raquel Levisss Affair
Ariana Madix Speaks Out on Tom Sandoval and Raquel Levisss Affair

Ariana Madix, star of the hit reality show Vanderpump Rules, has broken her silence about her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval and their co-star Raquel Leviss's affair. The nine-year-long relationship between Madix and Sandoval came to an end after she discovered that he had been cheating on her with Leviss. The news shocked fans of the show, and Madix's response has been eagerly awaited. In this article, we will dive into Madix's statement and explore the implications of this revelation.

The Instagram Post

Madix took to Instagram late Wednesday night to share her candid thoughts with her followers. In the post, she expressed her gratitude for the love and support she has received in the last two weeks. She also admitted that she has been devastated and broken by the revelation of the affair. However, Madix made it clear that she is not alone in her pain. Many of her closest friends are also grieving this loss and reeling from the betrayal.

Betrayal on Many Levels

According to a source close to Madix, she was completely blindsided by Sandoval's infidelity. The discovery of "inappropriate" messages between Sandoval and Leviss on his phone on March 1 left Madix devastated. The source stated that Madix thought she knew Sandoval and had planned to spend the rest of her life with him. The betrayal she experienced is indescribable.

Sandoval's Apology

Sandoval eventually admitted to the allegations and posted an apology on his Instagram page on March 7. He expressed regret for his actions and the pain he caused Madix. He acknowledged that he was selfish and made reckless decisions that hurt someone he loved. Sandoval also expressed his remorse for disappointing so many people, including their families and friends.

Moving Forward

Madix's response to the affair has been both candid and powerful. She has shared her pain and acknowledged the support of those around her. In her Instagram post, Madix said, "What doesn't kill me better run." This statement shows that she is determined to move forward from this experience and emerge stronger. Fans of Vanderpump Rules will undoubtedly be watching to see how Madix handles the aftermath of the affair.


Q1. How long were Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval together?
A1. Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval were together for nine years.

Q2. Who did Tom Sandoval cheat on Ariana Madix with?
A2. Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with their Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss.

Q3. How did Ariana Madix find out about the affair?
A3. Ariana Madix discovered the affair when she saw "inappropriate" messages between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss on his phone.

Q4. Did Tom Sandoval apologize for the affair?
A4. Yes, Tom Sandoval apologized for the affair on his Instagram page.

Q5. What did Ariana Madix say about the affair?
A5. Ariana Madix said that she was devastated and broken by the affair but is determined to move forward.


Ariana Madix's response to the affair between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss was a powerful message of resilience and strength. She acknowledged her grief and thanked her support system for helping her through the betrayal. It's unclear what the future holds for Madix and Sandoval, but it's clear that this affair has changed their relationship forever.