Who Is Maxine Bristow, Sam Quek Sister? Wiki And Age


In this article, we delve into everything you need to know about Maxine Bristow, the sister of the renowned British field hockey player and Olympic gold medalist, Sam Quek.

Maxine Bristow and Sam Quek: Sisters in Support
Maxine Bristow and Sam Quek: Sisters in Support

Sam Quek: A Brief Introduction

Before we dive into Maxine Bristow's background, let's get acquainted with Sam Quek. Born as Samantha Ann Quek, MBE, she is not only an English television personality but also a former field hockey player who made her mark in the world of sports. Sam Quek gained prominence as a formidable defender in field hockey and proudly represented Great Britain in various international competitions. However, her most significant achievement came in the form of a gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics, where she was part of the Team GB women's hockey squad.

After retiring from professional hockey, Sam Quek transitioned into the realm of television, becoming a role model for many aspiring athletes. She even authored an autobiography titled "Hope and a Hockey Stick." Today, Sam Quek continues to exert a positive influence in both the world of sports and media.

H2: Who Is Sam Quek's Sister, Maxine Bristow?

Maxine Bristow is the lesser-known sister of the sports icon, Sam Quek. Unfortunately, there isn't an extensive public record available about Maxine Bristow's personal life. However, she has made occasional appearances in news articles and interviews, often in connection with her sister, Sam Quek.

One notable instance of Maxine Bristow's presence in the media is her expression of pride and unwavering support for her sister's remarkable achievements in the world of field hockey. This includes Sam's noteworthy gold medal win as a part of Team GB, a significant milestone in her career. Maxine's continuous support for Sam Quek showcases her protective and caring nature as a sibling.

During Sam Quek's participation in the reality show "I'm A Celebrity," there were reports suggesting that Maxine Bristow had expressed concerns about the potential impact of the show on Sam's reputation. This further highlights Maxine's protective instincts and the deep bond she shares with her sister. Unfortunately, the available information doesn't provide details about Maxine Bristow's age or other personal background information, leaving the exact age gap between Sam Quek and Maxine Bristow a mystery.

Sam Quek has a sister and a twin brother.

H2: Sam Quek's Twin Brother Shaun Quek: Father Albert And Mother Marilyn Quek

Apart from Maxine Bristow, Sam Quek has another sibling, her twin brother named Shaun Quek. Their shared bond is undoubtedly a significant part of Sam's life, given the closeness that often characterizes twin relationships.

Sam Quek's parents, Albert Quek and Marilyn Quek, play a vital role in her life. Her family background reflects a blend of different cultures. Her father, Albert Quek, hails from Singapore, while her mother, Marilyn Quek, is of English descent. This diverse heritage gives Sam Quek and her siblings a unique mixed ethnicity, adding richness to their family story.

Sam Quek herself was born on October 18, 1988, in the Wirral, England. Her birthplace in the Wirral, a peninsula in Northwest England, adds to her British identity. She has become a prominent figure in British sports, particularly in field hockey, and her achievements have made her a source of pride for her family.

Quek's career in field hockey and her achievements have garnered much attention, which is the result of the support and influence of her family. Their diverse cultural backgrounds and unwavering support have undoubtedly contributed to Sam's success in both her sporting career and personal life.

Sam Quek with her mother

H2: Who Is Sam Quek's Husband, Tom Mairs? 2 Children

Sam Quek's husband is Tom Mairs, a property entrepreneur. The couple shares a family of four, with two lovely children.

Their first child arrived shortly before Sam Quek announced her second pregnancy in October 2021. The first baby's name has not been widely publicized, reflecting the couple's desire for privacy regarding their family life.

In March 2022, the news of their second child's arrival made headlines when Sam gave birth to a son named Isaac Gregory Mairs. This adorable addition to their family brought immense joy to the Quek-Mairs household.

The Olympic athlete-turned TV presenter has openly discussed her experiences with motherhood and the challenges that come with balancing her career and family life. Sam Quek has mentioned experiencing "mum guilt," a common feeling among working mothers, as she navigates her roles as a parent and public figure. Her candid discussions about motherhood have resonated with many, shedding light on the real-life struggles faced by mothers in various professions.

Sam Quek with her husband and kids.

Sam Quek's husband, Tom Mairs, has been incredibly supportive of her career and family journey. While Sam is known for her achievements in field hockey and her transition to television presenting, Tom's work as a property entrepreneur complements their dynamic. Together, they form a loving family, with their two children bringing joy and fulfillment to their lives.

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In conclusion, Maxine Bristow, Sam Quek's sister, may maintain a low profile, but her unwavering support for her sister's achievements and her protective nature are evident. Sam Quek's family, including her twin brother Shaun Quek, and her diverse cultural background, have played a significant role in her journey to becoming a prominent figure in British sports and media. Moreover, her family life with husband Tom Mairs and their two children highlights the challenges and joys of balancing a successful career with parenthood.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are Maxine Bristow and Sam Quek twins?

No, they are not twins. Sam Quek is older than Maxine Bristow, but the exact age gap is not publicly known.

2. What is Maxine Bristow's profession?

Maxine Bristow's profession or career is not widely documented in public sources.

3. Does Maxine Bristow have any social media presence?

Maxine Bristow keeps a low profile on social media, and there is limited information about her online presence.

4. Is Maxine Bristow involved in sports like her sister Sam Quek?

There is no public information suggesting that Maxine Bristow is actively involved in sports.

5. How does Maxine Bristow support her sister Sam Quek?

Maxine Bristow has expressed her support for Sam Quek in various media appearances, particularly during significant moments in Sam's career, such as her gold medal win in hockey and her participation in "I'm A Celebrity."