Lego The Hobbit Cheat Codes


By using the new active unlock characters cheat codes, you can get some free items such as Rubies, Stamina, Summon Ticket, Equipment Box and so on.

We will keep updating this unlock characters cheat codes List and will add whenever the new codes are released, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

Lego The Hobbit Cheat Codes – Unlock Characters

These are all the characters you can unlock with cheats:

  • Alfrid: FAVZTR ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Azog: 84ZZSI ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Bain: W5Z6AC ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Bard: UER3JG ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Barliman Butterbur: XTVM8C ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Barrow Wight: 555R9C ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Beorn: KEID2V ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Bolg: ZIBYHO ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Braga: MXUXKO ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Elros: H2CAID ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Fimbul: THAVRM ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Galadriel: 00TE7J ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Gollum: 3CE37P ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Grinnah: TPD7YW ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Lindir: V4Y5HZ ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Master of Laketown: 9NOK35 ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Narzug: 4FYKKB ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Necromancer: NM3I2O ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Percy: 74KN31 ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Peter Jackson: 5OJEUC ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Rosie Cotton: TB4S6J ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Sauron: OARA3D ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Thror: SYKSXF ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Tom Bombadil: 4Y95TJ ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Witchking: V8AHMJ ( unlock characters cheat codes)
  • Yazneg: S6VV33 ( unlock characters cheat codes)

Lego The Hobbit Cheat Codes – How to use Cheats?

Quite easy: Pause the Game > Choose Extras & Enter the Code

Lego The Hobbit Cheat Codes – Locations

If you need help with any of the collectibles, check these locations guides:

Infinite Loot

Use this trick, it allows you to obtain enough loot (Gold, Silver, Sapphire, Ruby, Copper & Stone) to forge all the weapons and tools in the game

Unlimited Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald & Diamond

Use this trick, it allows you to obtain enough loot (Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald & Diamond) to forge all the weapons and tools in the game

Minikits Locations

Find all the minikits using this video guide, by youtuber DBLUE, with all the locations

Schematics Locations

Find all the Schematics using this video guide, by youtuber DBLUE, with all the locations

Treasure Locations

Find all the Treasures using this video guide, by youtuber DBLUE, with all the locations

Unlimited loot:

Fast travel to Hobbiton and choose ‘Bofur’ as your character. Follow the river east until you come across a box full of bread on the right. Destroy the box and collect the wood and bread, then go straight through the fence to reach a small cave that contains random loot that can be mined. The random loot can be copper, iron, gold, silver, sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond, or stone. After collecting the loot in the small cave, turn left to see a box of fish near the bridge. Destroy the box of fish and collect the items, then pause the game and select ‘View Map’. Fast travel to Hobbiton again. All loot will respawn.
Repeat this process to acquire enough loot to forge every tool and weapon in the game.

TrophyHow to unlock
Someone to share in an adventure (Bronze)Play a level in co-op
… And be stone to you! (Bronze)Complete Roast Mutton
A city turned to ash (Bronze)Complete Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth
Attercop! Attercop! (Bronze)Complete Flies and Spiders
Beorn Again (Bronze)Transform to Beorn’s bear form.
Bro’s before Gold (Bronze)Use 50 Buddy-Up attacks
Conjurer of Cheap Tricks (Bronze)Use Gandalf’s startle ability to dazzle 50 enemies
Dawn of the Mushroom King (Bronze)Equip Thorin with the Mithril Mushroom Crown
Escaped the dungeons of the King (Bronze)Complete Barrels Out of Bond
Hardly burglar material (Bronze)Collect 99 of any loot
He is summoning his servants (Bronze)Complete Looking for Proof
I believe the worst is behind us (Bronze)Complete Out of the Frying Pan…
In a hole in the ground… (Bronze)Complete An Unexpected Party
It’s undoubtedly a trap (Bronze)Complete The Necromancer
Lord of the Prance (Bronze)Equip yourself with Dazzle Wig, Mithril Rhythm Stick and Mithril Dance Boots.
Master Builder (Bronze)Obtain 150,000 studs from Instruction Builds bonuses. (Single Player Only)
More of a letter-opener, really! (Bronze)Complete The Troll Hoard
More than a thunderstorm! (Bronze)Complete Over Hill and Under Hill
Slunk back from whence he came (Bronze)Complete Azog the Defiler
Team Building (Bronze)Use every Dwarf from Thorin’s Company in a Buddy-Up attack
That’ll do it… (Bronze)Complete Goblin Town
The Mountain-king’s return (Bronze)Complete A Warm Welcome
Think furnace, with wings (Bronze)Complete Inside Information
Time to earn your reward (Bronze)Complete On the Doorstep
Wealth lies in the Earth (Bronze)Complete the mining game perfectly 50 times
What do you need? (Bronze)Complete Queer Lodgings
Who is this horrid creature? (Bronze)Create a custom character.
Doilies and your mother’s dishes (Silver)Collect all Treasure Items in levels. (Single Player Only)
Labouring in the villages of Men (Silver)Collect all Schematics. (Single Player Only)
Objects of great beauty (Silver)Forge all the Mithril Treasure Items. (Single Player Only)
Our Long Forgotten Gold (Silver)Collect all Minikits. (Single Player Only)
Quite a merry gathering (Silver)Collect all characters. (Single Player Only)
Stone Giant Stomp (Silver)Complete the Bonus Level
That’s why we need a burglar! (Silver)Obtain all Master Burglar titles. (Single Player Only)
The Unassessably Wealthy (Silver)Collect 10,000,000,000 studs. (Single Player Only)
Ever The People’s Champion(Gold)Complete all the quests in Middle-earth. (Single Player Only)
The greed of Dwarves (Gold)Collect all Mithril Bricks. (Single Player Only)
To Be Continued… (Gold)Achieve 100% completion
Unequalled skill of the Dwarves (Gold)Forge all the Perfect Mithril Treasure Items. (Single Player Only)
The Road Goes Ever On (Platinum)Collect every trophy
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