How To Access The Hidden Web Browser On The PS5

How To Access The Hidden Web Browser On The PS5
How To Access The Hidden Web Browser On The PS5

Fans jumped with joy as the PS5 was announced. Because now they understood they had entered the next generation of amazingly powerful consoles, and the PS5 was about to lead the revolution. Although the console delivered above and beyond its expectation, some fans were a little disappointed when news emerged that the console would not have an in-built web browser.

But, it has recently been reported from sources that the PS5 does indeed come with a web browser, which is a bit more secretive than its predecessors. In this article, we'll walk you through how to locate that browser and use it to access the Internet. We will also help you through this article to identify the reason behind why Sony took this decision to hide the internet browser, so stay with us till the end.

PS5: How To Find The Secret Web Browser

You can access the Secret web browser on the PS5, but the first thing you need to note is that the browser exists, and it's usage is very limited. You might be able to go to YouTube but being able to stream videos depends entirely on luck. The same is the case for music hosting websites like Spotify and Bandcamp. So without delay, let's see how we can detect this browser:

  • Once your PS5 has booted up, press the system’s setting button.
  • In the system’s setting navigate to user’s guide and click and it.
  • This will take you to a website with the user’s guide. Navigate down and find the “Link with Other Services”.
  • From here you can link your Twitter account to the web browser, and redirect yourself to YouTube or other sites.

Choose Twitter to open a login page for Twitter. If you've connected your Twitter account in the past, you'll need to unlink it first to use this method.

PS5 Link With Other Services

Don't actually log in here. Instead, use the left stick to hover the cursor over the Twitter bird logo at the top of the page, then click it with the X button.

PS5 Twitter Click Logo

When you do this, you'll go to the Twitter login page like you would with any desktop browser. You don't need to log into Twitter to proceed, though. Instead, click the Forgot password? link.

Twitter Forgot Password

On the resulting Find your Twitter account page, click the Twitter bird logo at the top of the page again to load Twitter's main page. Many links appear at the bottom of this. Find Directory to the bottom-right and click it.

Twitter Directory

This brings up a page with a Twitter search bar at the top. Click inside this to search Twitter, then you can click links freely on the site to start browsing the web on your PS5.

There's no browser address bar, so you'll need to search Twitter for whatever you want to visit online and click links from there. For example, you could search for "MakeUseOf" to find the site's Twitter profile and use the link in our bio to load the site.

Twitter PS5 Search

To search the web, we recommend looking up the Twitter page for Bing or DuckDuckGo. Google's Twitter bio doesn't contain a link to its website, but you can easily search one of the others to get to Google (or whatever else you're looking for).

PS5 Bing Search

Why is it hidden?

Many people are wondering why Sony decided to hide this internet browser? So let us tell you that the biggest reason for taking this decision is the availability of such services in your homes. Furthermore, PlayStation has always received backlash due to its complex UI, and adding a limited browser to the fray will only complicate things. This is why we believe Sony's decision to make the PS5 an exclusive platform was genius in action.

This is probably why Hideaki Nishino from Sony said that they "have doubts about whether a web browser is necessary." There's a chance that the PS5 could get this feature in the future, but it's likely not a priority when everyone has better ways to access the web.

Most people really want to use the browser on their PS5. Chances are you have a smartphone that's super easy to use and will work with almost all websites, unlike the clunky PS5 browser experience. The only scenario we can think of where this browser would come in handy is if you want to watch something while using PlayStation VR and don't want to take the headset off.

That's probably why Sony's Hideki Nishino said he "has doubts about whether a web browser is necessary." There's a chance the PS5 might get this feature in the future, but it's not a priority when everyone has better ways to access the web.

The PS5 has been the best flagship console Sony has released, and rightfully so as the console has taken us to another era of gaming. Hope you will be satisfied with this article. Don’t forget to bookmark our page if you want to read more game updates and news

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