Complete Guide To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch

Complete Guide To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch
Complete Guide To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch

TikTok is one such social networking app that has gained popularity all over the world, but it is difficult to use on the Apple Watch, as is the case with other social networks. In this article, we will tell you such simple ways by which you can get Tiktok on Apple Watch. But for that you have to stay with us till the end.

Tik Tok on Apple Watch

TikTok, known in China as Douyin (Chinese: 抖音; pinyin: Dǒuyīn), is a video-focused social networking service owned by Chinese company ByteDance. It hosts a variety of short-form user videos, from genres like pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes, dance, and entertainment with durations from 15 seconds to three minutes. TikTok is an international version of Douyin, which was originally released in the Chinese market in September 2016. TikTok was launched in 2017 for iOS and Android in most markets outside of mainland China; however, it became available worldwide only after merging with another Chinese social media service,, on 2 August 2018. TikTok is a popular social network, but it's difficult to use on the Apple Watch, as is the case with other social networks. These apps did not have an Apple Watch version for some reason, but we can have TikTok on our Apple Watch, just like we can have Instagram or WhatsApp on our Apple Watch. We simply need to be able to use apps created by other developers. All you have to do to get TikTok on your Apple Watch is download one of the applications listed below. The official TikTok app for the Apple Watch is now unavailable, however, we have external customers that will assist us this time. In this situation, you may obtain TikTok on your Apple Watch by downloading one of two apps. In this article, we will see how to get Tiktok on Apple watch in detail.

Can You Get Tiktok On Apple Watch?

If you also want to get tiktok on apple watch then let us tell you that original tiktok app for apple watch is no longer available but don't worry because we have external customers who will help us this time. In this case, you can get TikTok on your Apple Watch by downloading one of the two applications. The first is called DouWatch, and costs $2.99 ​​on the App Store. DouWatch allows you to watch the most popular TikTok videos on your wristwatch. All you need to do to get started is install the app on your phone and Apple Watch; There is no need to login.

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If we talk about another software, then it is Ticwatch. It's a bit more expensive at $3.99, but it appears to be more comprehensive. You can view current trending videos according to its official description, search for clips on Explore, browse video content by hashtags and search profiles. Although it's ideal for official apps to have versions of the Apple Watch, that's not always the case, so you'll have to rely on third-party apps. These are the only two apps on the App Store that offer to put TikTok on your Apple View and allow you to stream your favorite content.

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How to use Tiktok On Apple Watch?

You can download the above-mentioned two apps to get TikTok on your Apple watch. If you want to download any app on your Apple Watch, follow the steps below,

  • On your Apple Watch, open the App Store app.
  • To browse highlighted apps, click the Digital Crown.
  • To see more apps, choose a section or See All under a group.
  • Tap Obtain to get a free app. Tap the cost to purchase an app.

Apps that have a watchOS app accessible on your iPhone are immediately installed and appear on the Home Screen by default. Follow these instructions to install certain apps instead:

  • Now go to your iPhone and open the Apple Watch app.
  • Turn off Automatic App Install by going to My Watch, General, and then turning off Automatic App Install.
  • Scroll down to Available Apps after tapping My Watch.
  • Next to the items, you wish to install, tap Install.

How To Get Tiktok On Apple Watch?

Sometimes we get quite bored of watching tiktok videos on our phone or in your browser then think something new and try to download app for our best wrist watch but we are sad to know that It happens that the makers of the major social media platform app are yet to set up an official mechanism to watch TikTok videos on Apple Watch.

But in today's technological age everything is possible and you can get Tiktok update on your Apple Watch, just like it updates with any other app, but you cannot watch videos. That means if you really don't care to install some third-party systems that allow you to break the rules a bit and use more of your brightness to surf the applications. There are two popular Apple Watch apps that will let you use TikTok on that small display. Although some features are limited, you can "star" clips so that they are stored in your TikTok account and can be viewed on your phone later.

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