Why Is Life360 Not Working, Complete Guide to Fixes Life360 Not Working 2022

Life360 Not Working
Life360 Not Working

As we all know Life360 is a popular location sharing and notification app used by people all over the world. But since few days its users faced a problem in using this app which was reported by users on social media. Today in this article we will tell you why Life360 is not working, the reasons why Life360 is not working and how to fix them.


Life360 Inc. is a San Francisco, California-based American information technology company that provides location-based services, including sharing and notifications, to consumers globally. Its main service is called Life360, a family social networking app released in 2008. It is a location-based service designed primarily to enable friends and family members to share their location with each other, and with data brokers.

Life360 Features

Life360 is a mobile application and was referred to as a "family-oriented private social network" by Bloomberg Businessweek. The app is a social network for families and differentiates itself in this way as it is not based around peer groups or professional networks such as Find My Friends and LinkedIn. It allows users to share locations, group message, and call for roadside assistance. It has four main features: location sharing, circles, places, and premium.

Location sharing

The main feature of the app is location sharing. Users can open the app and see where other members are instantly. Users can choose to share or not their location with any particular circle at any particular time.


Circles is the app's newest feature, released on September 3, 2013. Circles allows users to create separate groups within the app, e.g. "caregivers," "extended family," and "John's baseball team." Users' location is only visible to those who are also in the circle, and members in "caregivers" cannot see the location of users in "extended family," unless they are also in that circle.


Life360 allows users to create geofences that alert them when another enters or leaves another location.


Life360 operates as a freemium app, and users can pay for extra features. These extra features include: stolen phone insurance, access to a live advisor 24/7, unlimited creation of "Places," and emergency roadside assistance (known as 'Driver Protect').


CEO, Chris Hulls, created a TikTok account to initiate a dialogue with teenagers after intense criticism. Subsequently, Life360 released Bubbles which allows user to set a radius of between 1 and 25 miles and a set time frame of 1 to 6 hours. This means you won't be able to see where people are in the Bubbles however safety features and messaging features remain active.

Why Is Life360 Not Working?

Reasons For Life360 Not Working: The Life360 developers team stated that there could be several reasons for this problem as their technology sometimes needs to be on hold to keep up, which has resulted in some recent location sharing interruptions and As we have come to know, they continue to grow and provide security services to families all over the world. , They make sure they deliver better, faster and better family security, and work hard to enhance their systems to do so. He thanked the users for their patience and being an important part of the Life360 family.

Image source: Life360

The Life360 developers team shared a tweet on Twitter about the problem on December 22, 2021, stating, "We are experiencing some technical difficulties due to an AWS server outage that caused access to your account on Life360." There may be some delay. Our team is working hard to restore service. We appreciate your patience.

How To Fix Life360 Not Working?

The Life360 developers team suggests some ways to fix the issue; they are;

1) Checking the basics

  • Double Check the basics of the app such as whether the right user is logged in, Life360 is not blocked, when you are using Android, Having the Latest version of the app.
  • Ensure that a family member does not accidentally created a duplicate account, if they never appeared on the map.

2) Make sure that locations are turned on

  • Ensure whether the user’s device is allowed to location services and whether the Life360 is running in the background.

3) Restarting the mobile and reinstalling the application

  • As we all know, restarting the device will solve most of the problems. So it is better to try restarting the device and try uninstalling and reinstalling the Life360 app, which can also solve the issue.

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