Apex Legends: Defiance Reveal Overview, Trailer, Mad Maggie Abilities

Apex Legends Defiance Reveal Trailer Overview Mad Maggie Abilities
Apex Legends Defiance Reveal Trailer Overview Mad Maggie Abilities

Apex Legends fans have been waiting to catch a glimpse of its latest season, Defense for a long time and today their wait is over as Respawn Entertainment has released a new trailer for the latest season of Apex Legends, Defense. It looks absolutely awesome! The hype for Season 12 continues as Apex Legends has launched a new trailer. The Floating City seems to have been badly damaged by the arrival of Margaret "Mad Maggie" Cohare at the Apex Games. Season 12 is officially titled Apex Legends: Defense and will launch on February 8 on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It shows the game's latest character, Maggie, being dumped at Apex Games.

This jumps straight from the previous trailer of the week in which Maggie was caught. As part of his capture, he is being forced to participate in the Apex Games against his will. What's more, it's pretty clear that other Legends have an ax to grind. Apex Legends has come a long way since its launch and is still continuing to deliver to its player base. Respawn Entertainment should have a lot more information to share over the next 10 days, so keep your eyes peeled! Are you ready for the madness that's going to break out on February 8th? Watch the trailer below to know!

Apex Legends: Defiance Launch Trailer

If you watch the trailer it shows you a brand new operator named Mad Maggie. His ability and kit to fire tactical fire with what looks like a big ball.

But the most annoyance is when the trailer leaves us in the middle of a bloody fight. That's because Margaret is dropped on the battlefield. The scene then changes, trying to escape the onslaught of several operators. Fans get a glimpse into Maggie's unique abilities and playing style. The trailer does a good job of giving us a sneak peek at the different operator interactions.

There were a few things in this trailer that surprised everyone like the 'cracks' traveling other maps/worlds, or the 'getting out of nature' narrative they had. The story really comes to a head.

The animation may not be Apex's best, but they certainly got better at choreographing everything.

Mad Maggie – Abilities and Introduction

The candid conversation between Fuse and Maggie in the trailer is very interesting, now it has to be seen how the other veterans will talk to her as they have now witnessed her terrorist attack and participated in her modified schedules.

When you watch the trailer you'll notice that Maggie has some sort of passive that can be seen through a red aura. And it may also be that she has an explosive kit like a fuse, maybe she has the ability to cast an explosive trap (when she bombs a box).

Note that the large ball hitting the fuse may be a bomb, but she may be able to detonate it from afar because it does not detonate on impact. As for Olympus… of course, Apex destroyed it in some way… but it's understandable how well it fits in with the story.

I find the Defense Reveal trailer a lot more real when I watch the actual fight to the death than some wacky game of tag. The narrative also brings in more hype for Mad Magi and overall, this might be one of the best trailers Apex Legends has released so far.

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