What is Ping in Free Fire, and how to correct it?


Ping is very important in Garena Free Fire, the game is played by most of the people in the world and some players are upset due to Ping. Ping inside the game keeps happening more and more due to the internet connection. Well, in this article we are going to tell what is ping, and how can we correct it.

What is Ping in Free Fire, and how to correct it?

What is ping in free fire

The time it takes for the data available in the player’s mobile to reach the Free Fire game is called Ping. It depends on the internet connection. If the networks are getting less in mobile, then the speed of data decreases due to which the ping of the game becomes high and the game starts lagging.

How to check ping inside a Free Fire game.

Within Garena Free Fire the player can easily check the ping, turn on any one of the modes. After that, the ping on the left side will be seen. As can be seen in the wallpaper.

How to check ping and FPS in Free Fire?


How to check ping in Free Fire

Ping is the network latency between the smartphone and the server. A low ping simply translates to better gaming and a lag-free experience. The in-game ping is directly visible on the top of the screen beside the map. It directly depends upon Internet speed, stability and connectivity.


Graphic settings in Free Fire

FPS or Frame Rate determines the smoothness and fluidity of the game. In Free Fire, the players get an option to tweak the FPS. They can set the FPS on ‘High’ if they want to play the game on ‘Ultra’ graphics settings. However, Free Fire doesn’t provide the players with an option to view the live frame rate.

How to correct ping in Free Fire?

High Ping leg the game while playing Free Fire. There are some ways to correct the ping below, which can be followed by correcting the ping.

# 1 – Close Background Application

The background application available in all players’ mobiles takes up some of the RAM and data, which causes the ping inside the game to become high and the game leg. So close all background applications.

# 2 – VPN threat

Some players download the VPN for less ping in Free Fire, which threatens to have the player’s account banned. So do not download VPN.

# 3 – Change ISP

Even after all these methods, the ping does not decrease, then the players should change the ISP, which can increase their internet speed.

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