3 important things to easily win in Free Fire’s Clash Squad Mode


The Clash Squad mode is very important in Free Fire. Winning in this mode is not as easy. The match consists of 7 rounds and 4 have to be won. Many people find it difficult to register a victory inside this mode. So in this article we will talk about 3 ways that you will perform better in Clash Squad mode.

How to easily win in Clash Squad inside Free Fire?

# 1 character combination

Characters are very important in Garena Free Fire. Clash Squad Mode has a lot of characters whose combination allows you to perform better. Players can go to Kla, Alok, K and Chrono to register a win. This will benefit you.

# 2 don’t take the fights too soon

Clash squad mode fights are mostly short. Despite this, do not take fights in the beginning. Actually, many people start rash after landing with just one gun. In this case take some time and then take fights. This will improve your performance. At the time of the robbery, grenades and glue walls are a more important character.

# 3 Purchase Properly

Dollars are found in Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode and have to purchase materials during the match. In such a situation, you have to make the combination correctly. Many players grab better guns but do not have armor and glue walls. So, think about everything and buy material.

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