Trackmania Nations Reboots on Steam: How to Play and What to Expect

Trackmania Nations Reboots on Steam How to Play and What to Expect
Trackmania Nations Reboots on Steam How to Play and What to Expect

Ubisoft’s Trackmania, a high-flying arcade racing game, is finally making its way to Steam three years after it launched as an exclusive on the Ubisoft and Epic stores. The Trackmania franchise has been around for nearly two decades, beginning with the original Trackmania in 2003 as a stunt-racing game with a built-in track editor. The game evolved into Trackmania Nations in 2006, which is the version of the game that is currently popular, featuring open-wheel cars racing inside massive stadiums.

The Steam release of Trackmania is actually a reboot of the Nations version and will offer single-player and multiplayer racing with seasonal campaigns, trophies, regional and worldwide rankings, player-made tracks in the Arcade Channel, and weekly Nations League competition. The move to Steam is likely driven by Ubisoft’s recent financial struggles and the desire to expand the game’s popularity by making it available on the dominant PC digital storefront.

Trackmania is set to go live on Steam on February 2 and will still require a Ubisoft account in order to facilitate cross-platform multiplayer racing. It is interesting to note that this release comes shortly after Ubisoft announced plans to launch the game on Stadia, but those plans were halted when Google announced the discontinuation of the platform.

Overall, Trackmania is a niche but popular racing game that has a big focus on user-generated maps. The Steam release is an opportunity for Ubisoft to expand the game’s popularity and bring in new players. Despite the company’s financial struggles, the move to Steam is a smart one as it is the dominant PC digital storefront, and it could potentially bring in more revenue for Ubisoft.

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