Blue Archive Tier List 2023: The Ultimate Guide to Building the Strongest Team

Blue Archive Tier List 2023
Blue Archive Tier List 2023

Blue Archive is a popular gacha mobile game that features stunning anime designs and an engaging storyline. As an advisor to the Federal Investigation Club, players are tasked with resolving the various issues that threaten the city, with the help of a diverse cast of characters. While the game offers a wide variety of characters to choose from, not all are equally strong. To make the selection process easier for players, we have created a Blue Archive Tier List for 2023. This list ranks all of the characters in the game based on their power and effectiveness, making it a valuable resource for players looking to build the ultimate team. With our Blue Archive Tier List, players can easily identify the strongest characters and make informed decisions when building their teams.

Blue Archive Tier List of Best Characters

In the mobile game Blue Archive, characters can be classified as either Strikers or Specialists. Our ranking system for these characters is based on their type and tier. The top tier, S, represents the most powerful and effective characters, while the lowest tier, D, represents the least powerful. It’s important to note that this ranking is subjective and takes only power levels into account. If you disagree with our ranking or have a different opinion on a character, please let us know in the comments.

S Tier – Strikers: Koharu, Shun, Pina, Hina, Tsubaki, Cherino, Izuna, Akane, Hoshino, Azusa, Haruna, Iori, and Serika. Specialists: Mashino, Hibiki, Serina, Fuuka, Saya, and Karin.
A Tier – Strikers: Arisu, Chise, Maki, Hifumi, Mustuki, Aru, Tsurugi, Hasumi, Asuna, Neru, Akari, Momoi, Nonomi, Yuuka, Fina, Sumire, Midori, Shiroko, and Yuzu. Specialists: Kotama, Ayane, Hanae, Chinatsu, Hanako, and Fuuka.
B Tier – Strikers: Ui, Marina, Eimi, Haruka, and Kotori. Specialists: Utaha.
C Tier – Strikers: Suzumi, Tomoe, Izumi, and Kayoko. Specialists: Nodoka and Hare.
D Tier – Strikers: Kirino. Specialists: Shimiko, Airi, Yoshimi, Shizuko, and Juri.

By providing a detailed and comprehensive Blue Archive Tier List by type and tier, players can easily identify the strongest characters and make informed decisions when building their teams. This not only helps players to improve their gameplay but also makes the game more engaging and fun.

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