The Diplomat Parents Guide: Age Rating, and Violence Explained

The Diplomat TV series poster
The Diplomat TV series poster

In Netflix's gripping political thriller series, "The Diplomat," Keri Russell assumes the role of US Ambassador Kate Wyler. Initially assigned to a crisis zone in Afghanistan, Kate finds herself redirected to London, where she must forge alliances and navigate a complex international incident.

Alongside Russell, the series boasts a talented cast, including Rufus Sewell, Rory Kinnear, Ato Essandoh, David Gyasi, Ali Ahn, and more. Showcasing outstanding performances across the board, "The Diplomat" is a high-stakes political drama led by showrunner Debora Cahn, known for her work on "The West Wing" and "Homeland."

For those contemplating watching the new series with their families, it's essential to understand whether "The Diplomat" is suitable for all age groups. Here's a comprehensive guide:

The Diplomat Parents Guide and Age Rating

"The Diplomat" holds a TV-MA rating, catering to adult audiences, especially those who appreciate political dramas like "The West Wing" and "Homeland." The show is intended for viewers aged 17 and above. However, parents considering showing it to younger teenagers might be curious about its content.

The TV-MA rating for "The Diplomat" is primarily due to strong language, smoking, nudity, and sexual content. Nevertheless, the sexual and nude scenes in the series are relatively mild and brief. While there are a couple of sex scenes and instances of nudity, they are not overly explicit.

It's important to note that "The Diplomat" primarily revolves around politics and may not engage younger viewers. The show lacks action and primarily focuses on fast-paced conversations and negotiations, similar to Aaron Sorkin's projects like "The West Wing."

Nudity in "The Diplomat"

"The Diplomat" does contain some partial nudity, primarily focusing on the characters' backside and brief glimpses of the front. Most of the nudity is associated with Rufus Sewell's character, Hal. However, it is not gratuitous, and even during the few sex scenes, the characters remain partially clothed. There are also instances of intimate nude cuddling, but these are kept to a minimum, and there is no graphic full-frontal nudity.

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Violence in "The Diplomat"

The series commences with a British warship exploding, which serves as the most prominent act of violence in the entire first season. However, "The Diplomat" predominantly revolves around discussions regarding war and war crimes, rather than physical violence.

For a better understanding of what to expect from "The Diplomat," you can watch the official trailer. The series is set to release on Netflix on Thursday, April 20th.


In conclusion, "The Diplomat" is a gripping political drama on Netflix that holds a TV-MA rating due to its strong language, smoking, mild nudity, and sexual content. While the nudity and sexual scenes are relatively tame, the series primarily revolves around political maneuvering and may not be of interest to younger viewers. It features outstanding performances and is reminiscent of political classics like "The West Wing" and "Homeland."

5 FAQ's

1. What is the age rating of "The Diplomat" series?

  • "The Diplomat" is rated TV-MA, suitable for viewers aged 17 and above.

2. Does "The Diplomat" contain explicit nudity and sexual content?

  • While the series does include some nudity and sex scenes, they are relatively mild and not overly explicit.

3. Is there violence in "The Diplomat"?

  • The series opens with a violent scene involving a British warship explosion, but such violence is infrequent throughout the first season.

4. Is "The Diplomat" appropriate for family viewing?

  • "The Diplomat" is primarily targeted at adult audiences due to its political themes, making it less appealing to younger viewers.

5. When does "The Diplomat" premiere on Netflix?

  • "The Diplomat" is set to premiere on Netflix on Thursday, April 20.