Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Wife: Exploring the Relationship Status of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Star

Manuel Garcia Rulfo on set of The Lincoln Lawyer
Manuel Garcia Rulfo on set of The Lincoln Lawyer

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, known for his role as Mickey Haller, Los Angeles's most sought-after defense lawyer in Season 2 of "The Lincoln Lawyer," has garnered a massive following due to his exceptional acting skills and portrayal of the show's protagonist. With each passing season, his fanbase continues to grow, leading to heightened curiosity about his personal life.

Naturally, one of the burning questions on everyone's mind is his relationship status. People are eager to learn whether Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is in a committed relationship or if he's married. Rest assured, we have all the intriguing details about Manuel Garcia-Rulfo's current relationship status, which we'll share with you below.

Are "The Lincoln Lawyer" Stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Neve Campbell Dating?

If you assumed that Garcia-Rulfo and Campbell were romantically involved in real life, you'd be mistaken. They share a great friendship and on-screen chemistry, given that they play ex-lovers with lingering emotions in "The Lincoln Lawyer." This chemistry is essential for making their on-screen performances convincing.

As for Campbell, she has been in a relationship with British actor JJ Feild since 2011, and they share two children together, a son named Caspian and another son named Raynor.

Manuel Garcia Rulfo and Neve Campbell
Manuel Garcia Rulfo and Neve Campbell ( Sources: peopleenespanol )

Are "The Lincoln Lawyer" Stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Becki Newton Dating?

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is not in a relationship with his co-star Becki Newton either. In fact, Newton has been happily married to Canadian actor Chris Diamantopoulos since 2005, and they have four children together—a son, two daughters, and their youngest child's gender remains undisclosed.

Becki Newton
Becki Newton ( Sources: wallpaperflare)

Are "The Lincoln Lawyer" Stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Lana Parrilla Dating?

Lana Parrilla portrays Lisa Trammell, Mickey's latest love interest in Season 2 of "The Lincoln Lawyer." However, there is no indication that Parrilla is romantically involved with Garcia-Rulfo in real life. She was previously married to a software executive named Alfredo Di Blasio from 2014 to 2018 and dated American writer and producer Matthew Leutwyler in 2010, though the exact date of their breakup remains unknown.

Manuel Garcia Rulfo and Lana Parrilla
Manuel Garcia Rulfo and Lana Parrilla ( Sources: forbes )

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo's Marital Status

As of now, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo does not have a wife as he is not married. In fact, there were speculations about his marriage to South Korean actress Lee Min-jung, but these rumors have been debunked. The only connection between Lee Min-jung and Garcia-Rulfo is that Lee Min-jung is married to Garcia-Rulfo's former co-star Lee Byung-hun from the action film "The Magnificent Seven."

The rumor of Garcia-Rulfo and Lee Min-jung's marriage likely stemmed from a 2015 Instagram photo of Garcia-Rulfo, Lee Byung-hun, and Lee Min-jung having dinner together. However, as of July 2023, it appears that Garcia-Rulfo is single. While he could be in a secret relationship, the world may never know unless he chooses to share his dating status or is spotted with someone. For the time being, we'll assume he is single.

You can catch Manuel Garcia-Rulfo's captivating performance as Mickey Haller in "The Lincoln Lawyer" Season 2, currently available for streaming on Netflix.


In conclusion, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, the talented star of "The Lincoln Lawyer" Season 2, is not married and does not currently have a wife. While he shares great on-screen chemistry with co-stars like Neve Campbell and Lana Parrilla, these relationships are strictly professional. Garcia-Rulfo's personal life remains private, and any past rumors about his marital status have been clarified. As fans continue to enjoy his performance as Mickey Haller on Netflix, we respect his choice to keep his dating life low-key.


Q1: Is Manuel Garcia-Rulfo married in real life?

A: No, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is not married in real life.

Q2: Are Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Neve Campbell dating?

A: No, they are not dating. They share a strong friendship and on-screen chemistry.

Q3: Who is Lana Parrilla dating?

A: Lana Parrilla, who plays Lisa Trammell in "The Lincoln Lawyer," is not believed to be dating Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. She was previously married to Alfredo Di Blasio and dated Matthew Leutwyler.

Q4: Has Manuel Garcia-Rulfo ever been married?

A: No, there is no evidence that Manuel Garcia-Rulfo has ever been married. Rumors linking him to Lee Min-jung were debunked.

Q5: Where can I watch "The Lincoln Lawyer" Season 2?

A: "The Lincoln Lawyer" Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.