Rokurō no Dai Bōken: Dental Hygiene Anime Premiering on DentalE App in Tajimi’s Ceramic World


Rokurō no Dai Bōken Premieres within DentalE App in Spring 2024

Rokurō no Dai Bōken Anime Collaboration with DentalE
Rokurō no Dai Bōken Anime Collaboration with DentalE

In an exciting announcement, the team behind the television anime adaptation of Tajimi city's promotional manga, "Yakunara Mug Cup Mo" (Let's Make a Mug Too), revealed that a captivating spinoff anime is in the works. Titled "Rokurō no Dai Bōken" (Rokurō's Great Adventure), this anime is set to be a unique collaboration with the dental app DentalE and is scheduled for an exclusive premiere within the app in the spring of 2024.

A Peek into Rokurō's World

Accompanying the announcement was a sneak peek screenshot from the upcoming anime, along with an enticing visual that showcases the partnership between the anime and DentalE.

"Rokurō no Dai Bōken" will revolve around Rokurō, the lovable mascot character created by Naoko Naruse within the series. In this spinoff, Rokurō takes on a new role as he teams up with dentists and dental hygienists. Together, they provide valuable insights into maintaining dental health through proper diet and hygiene practices, helping to prevent common dental issues.

rokuro Lets Make a Mug Too
rokuro Lets Make a Mug Too (Sources: anime news network)

A Mugful of History and Culture

Before we dive deeper into Rokurō's exciting adventure, let's take a moment to appreciate the origins of "Let's Make a Mug Too." The original manga paints a vivid picture of Tajimi, a city nestled in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture, Japan. This picturesque city is renowned for its Mino earthenware and boasts a rich history of pottery production and ceramic art.

Tajimi welcomes visitors with open arms, offering them opportunities to try their hand at crafting pottery. Additionally, numerous restaurants in the city serve delectable dishes on Minoware pottery, enhancing the dining experience. The narrative of "Let's Make a Mug Too" begins when a high school girl relocates to a charming shopping street in Tajimi. Her journey is filled with encounters with new friends, townspeople, the enchanting world of ceramic art, and more. It's a story that explores the wonders of a town celebrated for its ceramics.

The Manga's Journey

The manga "Let's Make a Mug Too" embarked on its creative journey in 2012, capturing readers' hearts with its periodic updates throughout the year. In addition to the main manga, there is also a delightful four-panel spinoff titled "Naoko no Kobachi."

For fans of the anime adaptation, there's even more to explore. A separate manga adaptation for the anime made its debut on Akita Shoten's free manga platform, "Manga Cross," in January 2021. The original creator, Osamu Kashiwara, is actively involved in crafting the storyline for this new manga.


With "Rokurō no Dai Bōken" on the horizon, fans of "Let's Make a Mug Too" have something extraordinary to look forward to. This dental hygiene-themed spinoff promises not only a charming new adventure but also valuable insights into maintaining oral health. As we await its spring 2024 premiere exclusively on the DentalE app, the world of Tajimi and its love for ceramics continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


What is "Let's Make a Mug Too"?

"Let's Make a Mug Too" is a popular manga and anime series set in the city of Tajimi, known for its Mino earthenware. It follows the journey of a high school girl in this ceramic-rich town.

Who is Rokurō, and what is his role in the spinoff anime?

Rokurō is a mascot character created within the series. In the spinoff "Rokurō no Dai Bōken," he joins forces with dentists and dental hygienists to promote dental health through dietary guidance.

When did the original manga "Let's Make a Mug Too" start, and how often does it update?

The manga began in 2012 and updates four times a year.

Is there a manga adaptation of the anime, and who is behind it?

Yes, there is a manga adaptation of the anime, available on Akita Shoten's "Manga Cross" platform. The original creator, Osamu Kashiwara, is involved in crafting its storyline.

Where and when can we expect to watch "Rokurō no Dai Bōken"?

"Rokurō no Dai Bōken" will premiere exclusively within the DentalE app in the spring of 2024, offering a unique dental hygiene-themed adventure for fans of the series.