Home Game Roblox Corridor of Hell Codes (November 2023)

Roblox Corridor of Hell Codes (November 2023)

Roblox Corridor of Hell Codes (November 2023)
Roblox Corridor of Hell Codes - Unlock virtual treasures with the latest in-game currency codes for November 2023

If you're venturing through the virtual realms of Roblox Corridor of Hell, you're in for a treat! Our comprehensive guide brings you the latest and most effective codes that can fill your virtual pockets with free cash. This in-game currency opens the doors to various enhancements, tags, and power-ups, propelling you higher up the tower. Let's dive into the corridor of opportunities!

All Corridor of Hell Codes

Stay in the loop with the freshest codes, and act quickly – they might vanish sooner than you think! We diligently test and update our list, ensuring you get the most out of each code. Don't forget to alert us in the comments if you discover an expired one; we'll swiftly remove it!

Updated Jan. 25

  • Added new code
  • Checked working codes

Corridor of Hell Codes (Available)

Take a peek at the current lineup of codes ready for redemption:

  • THEGUARDIANS: Redeem for 1k Money
  • DRAGON: Redeem for 500 Money
  • FRONTLINE: Redeem for 500 Money
  • LIVEEVENT: Redeem for 500 Money
  • ADMIRAL: Redeem for 500 Money
  • MAGMA: Redeem for 1000 Money
  • T-DOLL: Redeem for 500 Money
  • EAGLE: Redeem for 500 Money
  • IRON: Redeem for 500 Money
  • Sakura: Redeem for 500 Money
  • Royal: Redeem for 500 Money
  • Parkour: Redeem code for 75 money
  • KINGZAUM: Redeem code for 50 money
  • SANRBLX: Redeem code for 50 money
  • Phoenix_RDN: Redeem code for 50 money

Corridor of Hell Codes (Expired)

Bid farewell to these codes, as they have reached their expiration:

  • RELEASE: Redeem code for 75 money
  • Guga_RDN: Redeem code for 50 money
  • 100KTHUMBSUP: Redeem code for 3,000 money
  • 400M: Redeem code for 1k money
  • 200m: Redeem code for 1k money

How-to Redeem Codes in Corridor of Hell

Redeeming codes is a breeze in Corridor of Hell. Head into the game, locate the Twitter button at the bottom right, paste a code from our list into the text box, hit redeem, and voila – enjoy your reward!

Game Description & Updates


  • New Phases
  • Secrets?
  • Best Time Leaderboard Reset
  • Bug Fixes And more!

Use "/skip" to breeze through the corridor if you're the VIP server owner. This obstacle course, inspired by Tower Of Hell, challenges you to conquer ten phases. Want an extra challenge? Race against the clock to complete the corridor in record time!

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Embark on your Roblox Corridor of Hell adventure armed with the latest codes. Upgrade your arsenal, tackle new challenges, and ascend the tower with style. Remember, the virtual universe is ever-evolving, so stay tuned for updates and more codes to enhance your gameplay.


Q1: How often are the codes updated?

We update the codes regularly, especially when new ones are released. Check back frequently to stay in the loop!

Q2: What should I do if a code is expired?

If you find an expired code, let us know in the comments. We appreciate your help in keeping the list up to date!

Q3: Are there codes for other Roblox games?

Absolutely! Explore our Roblox Game Codes post for a plethora of codes in various games.

Q4: Can I skip levels using codes?

While codes offer rewards, skipping levels usually requires VIP server ownership. Use "/skip" if you're in charge!

Q5: Any tips for completing the corridor quickly?

For a speedy triumph, hone your skills, and aim for the best time on the leaderboard.