Teen Injured in Shooting at Parkway Plaza Mall Parking Lot


Parkway Plaza, situated in El Cajon, California, is a bustling shopping hub offering an array of stores, eateries, and entertainment avenues. However, on September 16, 2023, this popular mall turned into a scene of sheer terror as a shocking shooting incident unfolded, leaving one person injured and the crowd in a state of panic.

A view of the Parkway Plaza mall entrance with security personnel visible
A view of the Parkway Plaza mall entrance with security personnel visible (Sources: emlaksatan)

The Terrifying Incident

As per the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, the unfortunate incident transpired around 4:40 p.m. in the parking lot, just outside the Spirit Halloween Store—a seasonal retailer renowned for its Halloween costumes, decorations, and accessories. The victim, identified as a male, fell prey to a gunshot wound to the neck, inflicted by an unidentified assailant who swiftly fled the premises. In a desperate bid for help, the wounded individual managed to stagger into the store, where he sought assistance from both staff and fellow customers. He was subsequently rushed to a nearby hospital for medical attention.

Unraveling the Mystery

The motive behind this shocking act of violence remains shrouded in mystery, and law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the circumstances that led to this incident. The suspect, described as a male clad in a black hoodie and jeans, has yet to be identified or located. Authorities are urging anyone with pertinent information or potential witnesses to come forward and aid in their inquiries.

Chaos and Fear Grip the Mall

The shooting sent shockwaves of confusion and fear reverberating through the mall's occupants, who initially believed they were in the midst of an active shooter scenario. In the ensuing chaos, many sought refuge within the stores, while others fled the mall in a bid to secure their safety. Some individuals even captured the tumultuous scene, posting videos and photos of the incident on various social media platforms, shedding light on the overwhelming police presence and the pandemonium that had unfolded.

A Brief Closure for Investigation

In the wake of this harrowing incident, law enforcement swiftly cordoned off the mall, temporarily suspending its operations as they combed the area for any traces of the suspect and gathered crucial evidence. It was only after the police had ascertained the security of the vicinity that the mall was permitted to reopen its doors to the public. Regrettably, the Spirit Halloween Store remained shuttered for the remainder of the day, serving as a stark reminder of the traumatic event that had transpired.

In Conclusion

The Parkway Plaza Shooting stands as a grim and tragic episode that cast a pall of sorrow over the local community. In response to this distressing incident, mall management issued a heartfelt statement, extending their condolences to the victim and his family. They also expressed their gratitude to the swift-acting first responders and the dedicated mall staff who demonstrated remarkable teamwork and cooperation during this crisis. Furthermore, the management reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to the safety and security of their valued customers, underscoring the paramount importance of such principles in these uncertain times.


  1. What measures were taken to ensure the safety of mall visitors during the incident?
    • During the incident, mall visitors were advised to seek refuge within stores, and law enforcement promptly secured the area to neutralize any potential threat.
  2. Has the identity of the suspect been determined yet?
    • As of now, the suspect remains unidentified, and the authorities are actively seeking any information or witnesses that may aid in their investigation.
  3. Are there any security enhancements planned for the mall following this incident?
    • Mall management has not disclosed specific details, but they have reiterated their commitment to prioritizing the safety and security of all visitors.
  4. How did the community react to the shooting at Parkway Plaza?
    • The community expressed shock and concern over the incident, and many individuals shared their experiences and thoughts on social media.
  5. Has the Spirit Halloween Store reopened since the shooting?
    • No, the Spirit Halloween Store remained closed for the remainder of the day following the incident. It is expected to reopen as per its regular seasonal schedule.