Discover the Neon Dog Value in Pet Simulator X

Neon Dog Value in Pet Simulator X
Neon Dog Value in Pet Simulator X

Discover the latest addition to Pet Simulator X – Neon Pets! These vibrant creatures stand out with their bright neon outlines, reminiscent of retro neon signs. With several Neon pets available in the game, our guide will focus on the popular Neon Dog. Learn the Neon Dog value, tips and tricks on how to obtain this pet and all you need to know to make the most out of your Neon Dog in Pet Simulator X.

Neon Dog Value Pet Sim X

Enhance your gaming experience with the addition of the Neon Dog in Pet Simulator X. As of writing, the Neon Dog is valued at around 600 Million Gems in PSX. This unique pet stands out from the Neon Cat with its lack of a huge variant, but comes with two enchantments. The Companion II enchantment ensures that your Neon Dog will always be 60% as strong as your best pets. The second enchantment is randomly assigned, adding an element of surprise to your gameplay. In the next section of our guide, we will provide you with the best strategies to acquire the Neon Dog and make it a valuable addition to your pet collection in Pet Simulator X.

How to Get Neon Dog in Pet Simulator X

Obtain the highly sought-after Neon Dog pet in Pet Simulator X by either trading or purchasing the Exclusive Pets Egg. As the Neon Dog is a valuable pet, trading for it can be costly. An alternative method is to buy the Exclusive Pets Egg. The Exclusive Pets Egg can be purchased for 400 Robux for one, 1200 Robux for three, or 3200 Robux for ten. However, it’s important to note that hatching the egg does not guarantee the Neon Dog pet. The odds of obtaining the different pets in the game are: Neon Cat (50%), Neon Dog (35%), Neon Griffin (13%), Huge Neon Cat (1.25%), Huge Neon Griffin (0.75%), and Titanic Neon Agony (0.05%).

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