The Value of the Neon Cat in Pet Simulator X – A Complete Guide

Neon Cat Value Pet Simulator X
Neon Cat Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X just released a new batch of neon-colored pets that are sure to make a bold statement in the game. The standout of the bunch is the Neon Cat, with its vibrant appearance and unique color scheme. But what makes the Neon Cat so special in Pet Simulator X? And more importantly, how can players acquire one for themselves? Look no further, as we provide all the answers in this comprehensive guide.

Neon Cat Value Pet Sim X

The Neon Cat in Pet Simulator X is a highly sought-after pet with a current value of around 600,000,000 Diamonds for the standard version. This pet comes equipped with the Companion I enchantment, which ensures it is always 50% as strong as your strongest pets. Additionally, it also comes with a random enchantment, making it even more valuable. But for those looking for an even bigger challenge, the Huge Neon Cat variant is available, valued at an impressive 800,000,000,000 Diamonds. Get your hands on one of these rare pets and elevate your Pet Simulator X experience.

How to Get Neon Cat in Pet Simulator X

The newest addition to Pet Simulator X, the Neon Cat, can be acquired in two ways. One option is through trading with other players, and the other is by purchasing an Exclusive Pets Egg. To hatch one of these eggs, players will need to pay 400 Robux, or opt for a bundle deal of three eggs for 1200 Robux or ten eggs for 3200 Robux. The Exclusive Pets Egg offers a chance to hatch various neon-colored pets, including the Neon Cat with a 50% chance and a value of 600,000,000 Diamonds, the Neon Dog with a 35% chance and a value of 700,000,000 Diamonds, the Neon Griffin with a 13% chance and a value of 1,100,000,000 diamonds, the Huge Neon Cat with a 1.25% chance and a value of 800,000,000,000 Diamonds, Huge Neon Griffin with a 0.75% chance and a value of 1,200,000,000,000 Diamonds, and the Titanic Neon Agony with a 0.05% chance and a value of 100,000,000,000,000 Diamonds. We wish you the best of luck in obtaining these highly sought-after neon pets in Pet Simulator X.

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