Kingsense Codes – December 2023 Full List

Kingsense Codes - December 2023: Unlock freebies, hack chips, and more in the world of Sensates by Superprism Technology.
Kingsense Codes

Kingsense Codes – Full List

In the realm of the sensational card game by Superprism Technology, unlocking treasures is just a code away. Dive into the Kingsense world and redeem these codes for a plethora of freebies, including hack chips, regular chips, refreshing drinks, and, of course, credits.

Valid Codes

Stay ahead in the game by swiftly redeeming these active codes:

  • KSHAPPY100
    • Code reward: Chips and freebies
  • KS8499c4a5b8
    • Code reward: Chips and freebies
    • Code reward: ??
    • Code reward: ??
    • Code reward: ??
  • KSHAPPY123
    • Code reward: ??
    • Code reward: ??
    • Code reward: ??
    • Code reward: one hack chip
  • kingsensegame
    • Code reward: two chip 3, one hack chip, six E-Drink 30ml, 50,000 credits

Keep this page bookmarked, as we will keep you in the loop with every new code release and those that expire, rendering them unredeemable.

Expired Code

Currently, there are no expired codes.

Kingsense Codes – How to Redeem

Unlocking the treasure trove is a simple process:

  1. Complete the Tutorial:
    • A prerequisite to unlocking the code function.
  2. Tap Your Character Picture > Select Other:
    • Navigate to the Redeem CDK Field.
  3. Input the Code and Press Redeem:
    • Enjoy the free Kingsense rewards after completing the tutorial.

How to Play Kingsense, by Superprism Technology

Embark on an epic journey in a futuristic world with your Sensates. Build formidable squads, participate in unique events and game modes, and immerse yourself in a narrative like no other. Harness the power of Sensates!

Following a great crisis, humanity discovered salvation by endowing a select few with unique abilities, giving rise to the first Sensates. As a commander, your duty is to protect humanity from high-tech foes, mutants, and enigmatic cultists.

Collect over 40 diverse Sensates, each with distinct quirks and personalities. Deepen your connection, unlock exclusive gear for specific characters, and significantly enhance your combat prowess.

Engage in combat on a 5×9 grid! Experiment with different character combinations to create powerful lineups. Seize the initiative and control the rhythm of battle! The Sensates are brought to life by a talented cast of voice actors and actresses, enhancing your gaming experience.


In conclusion, the Kingsense Codes provide a gateway to a world of freebies and rewards, enhancing your gaming experience. Stay tuned for regular updates on new codes and remember to redeem them promptly.


  1. Are there any expired Kingsense codes?
    • Currently, there are no expired codes. All listed codes are active.
  2. How do I redeem Kingsense codes?
    • Complete the tutorial, tap your character picture, select Other, input the code in the Redeem CDK Field, and press redeem.
  3. What rewards can I get from Kingsense codes?
    • Rewards include hack chips, regular chips, drinks, and credits.
  4. Can I use Kingsense codes without completing the tutorial?
    • No, completing the tutorial is a prerequisite to unlocking the code function.
  5. How often are new Kingsense codes released?
    • Stay tuned to this page for regular updates on new code releases.