Bunniiies Codes & Cheats [December 2023] – Unlock Love Rabbit Rewards Now!

Bunniiies Codes & Cheats - Love Rabbit with Redeem Code and Exclusive Items.
Bunniiies Codes

In this comprehensive guide, we bring you the latest Bunniiies codes that unlock a world of accessories, legendary items, cute animal pets, premium currencies, and other exclusive in-game items. Stay tuned for updates on the newest Bunniiies The Love Rabbit codes released by the developers.

Bunniiies Codes

  • No codes are active at the moment.

Bunniiies codes operate on a time-limited basis; these gift codes expire after a few days. To enhance your gaming experience, it's crucial to redeem them promptly and claim the rewards. We diligently monitor the release of new valid codes, so make it a habit to check this page regularly.

To avoid any gift code errors, ensure precise entry of the redemption code in the game, adhering to the format provided in our list, including special characters and letter cases (capital & small letters).

Expired Codes(Out of Date)

Try redeeming these expired codes and see if they work for you:

  • 322888: Legendary bunny (Added on October 28th, 2022) (New)
  • 967269: Rewards (Added on September 21st, 2022)
  • 998189: Chicky (Added on April 19th, 2022)
  • 176568: Afnir The Dragon (Added on March 27th, 2022)
  • 824675: X1 Legendary Bunny
  • 699111: X1 Legendary Bunny
  • 672441: X1 Legendary Bunny
  • 861891: X Antho astonishing baseball legendary bunny
  • 767211: X1 Legendary Bunny
  • 66712: X1 ukelele
  • 9949: X1 scuba diving accessory
  • 31724: X1 Naya the Bee legendary flying bunny
  • 54373: X1 shutter shades accessory
  • 28145: X1 legendary panda bunn

How To Redeem The Codes?

The process is straightforward:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Tap on the menu button (the three bars in the top-right corner) and hit the key icon button.
  3. Input the cheat code into the number pad.
  4. Claim the code rewards.

How To Get More Redeem Codes?

Stay updated by following the game’s official social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the official Discord. Gift codes are usually released during special events, milestones, collaborations, and other occasions. Bookmark this page and check regularly for new codes.

Bunniiies Codes – How to Play?

Bunniiies is a puzzle game where you have to breed rabbits in order to develop your farm.

The goal for the player is to combine different types of bunnies to create new species, but also train them in order to compete in various events and contests. Mate a blue and a yellow rabbit to create a cute green baby rabbit. About 1000 different rabbits are available.

There are also several very cool mini-games where you can train your legendary rabbits.

  • Collect over 1000 cute bunnies
  • Find all legendary rabbits
  • Watch your bunnies living with adorable animations
  • Discover the pretty farm where your rabbits live
  • Mate your rabbits to discover new colors
  • Feed, take care and wash them…
  • Sell your rabbits to collect lots of money
  • Watch out for foxes, owls and zombies
  • Personalize and decorate your mill
  • Take part in fun mini-games and win exclusive prizes
  • Win the contests to customize the mill with super cute coins
  • Join a great community on Discord
  • Discover daily missions and contests
  • Take advantage of new products every month!

In conclusion, this post covers all aspects of Bunniiies Codes 2022. If you have a new redeem code for the global version, share it in the comments. Love playing mobile games? For more updates, game news, guides, releases, and alerts, like us on Facebook – Gaming Soul, follow us on Twitter – Gaming Soul. Have suggestions? Submit them here.