How To Get Mclaren In PUBG Mobile: Pubg Mclaren Redeem Code, Skins


How to get the Mclaren in PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile released a brand new automobile skin in the game. So all PUBG Mobile players are excited over it. Read this article to learn how to get Mclaren in PUBG Mobile.

One of the most anticipated collaborations of the British Supercar manufacturer McLaren and PUBG Mobile is now official and the collaboration even has already started. By participating in the event you can earn a McLaren 570S skin and much more. The event is available till 30th June. Keep reading the article to know how to get the McLaren skins in PUBG Mobile.

How to get Mclaren in PUBG Mobile?

UBG Mobile has announced a collaboration with McLaren, a British car company, for a unique vehicle in the game. As a response, the game is hosting a special event that will run from June 1 to June 30 and will give players the chance to win the McLaren 570S skin. Aside from that, throughout this event, gamers can win in-game goodies and vouchers. Players that participate in the event will earn a McLaren 570S skin, as well as other interesting in-game gifts and vouchers, beginning June 1st, 2021. The event will run till the 30th of June. The game will also include several supercar versions as a result of this. Read on to learn how to get unique skins.

Steps for getting the Mclaren Skin in PUBG Mobile

To get the Mclaren skin from PUBG Mobile, players will have to take part in the Mclaren Drift Event,

  • Start the game.
  • Go to the McLaren Drift Event.
  • Tap on the Start Acceleration button to start the spin.

Please note that a total of 90 UC will be deducted for each spin. Listed below are all the prizes that can be won with each spin,

  • 15 Lucky Voucher
  • x5 Lucky Voucher
  • Extreme Adventure Backpack
  • Viper Assassin Mask
  • Space Mascot Headpiece
  • Viper Assassin Crossbow
  • Lucky Cat Parachute
  • Star Guardian Headpiece
  • Viper Assassin M24
  • Space Mascot M762
  • Viper Assassin Set
  • Space Mascot Set
  • McLaren 570S Lunar White
  • McLaren 570S Zenith Black
  • Lucky Medal
  • Star Guardian Headpiece
  • Guardian Spirit Ornament
  • Star Guardian Set

You can use the Lucky Medal to get all the McLaren skins by upgrading them. Please keep in mind that the chances of a successful acceleration are only 20% and an unsuccessful one is 80%.

All Mclaren Skins available in PUBG Mobile

There are a total of six skins that are available. You can find them listed below,

  • McLaren 570S (Pearlescent) 
  • McLaren 570S (Lunar White)
  • McLaren 570S (Zenith Black)
  • McLaren 570S (Glory White)
  • McLaren 570S (Raspberry)
  • McLaren 570S (Royal Black)
  • McLaren 570S (Pearlescent)

All these skins can be obtained through the McLaren Spin Drift event.

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