Blue Lock Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Blue Lock Season 2 teaser image
Blue Lock Season 2 teaser image

Anime enthusiasts worldwide are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the return of Blue Lock for its second season. Blue Lock, a captivating Japanese manga series penned by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and brought to life through the artistry of Yusuke Nomura, transitioned into an anime television sensation in August 2021. The inaugural season, comprising 24 thrilling episodes, graced our screens from October 9, 2022, to March 26, 2022. This compelling narrative revolves around Yoichi Isagi, who embarks on a journey to master the titular training regimen under his new coach, Ego Jinpachi, with the fervent ambition of becoming the world's preeminent striker.

Blue Lock Season 2 Release Date Prediction

Blue Lock Season 2
Blue Lock Season 2 ( Sources: the direct)

The anticipation reached its zenith during AnimeJapan in March 2023 when the announcement of Blue Lock Season 2, along with an enticing movie spin-off titled "Episode Nagi," echoed through the anime world. However, considering the recent confirmation of Season 2, it's plausible that Blue Lock's return may not grace our screens this year.

Delving into the intricacies of Season 1, it covered a substantial 90 chapters or 11 volumes of the original manga. The manga itself boasts a total of 199 chapters or 23 volumes. Hence, Season 2 might potentially follow suit and cover a commensurate amount of material.

Nevertheless, the duration of Season 2's development remains uncertain, with no official word regarding its premiere date. To provide context, Season 1 was announced in August 2021 and graced our screens in October 2022. Considering Season 2's announcement in March 2023, fans can expect the subsequent episodes to possibly air sometime between May and July 2024. The anticipation is palpable, as evidenced by the teaser trailer below:

Who’s Cast In Blue Lock Season 2?

One of the highlights of Blue Lock Season 1 was its stellar cast, leaving fans eager to see familiar faces return for the second season. Here is a rundown of the expected cast members who will reprise their roles in Season 2:

  • Jinpachi Ego – Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese voice actor (VA)), Derick Snow (English VA)
  • Seishiro Nagi – Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese VA), Bryson Baugus (English VA)
  • Shōei Barō – Junichi Suwabe (Japanese VA), Matthew David Rudd (English VA)
  • Aoshi Tokimitsu – Shinnosuke Tachibana (Japanese VA), Jordan Dash Cruz (English VA)
  • Rensuke Kunigami – Yuuki Ono (Japanese VA), Alex Hom (English VA)
  • Yoichi Isagi – Kazuki Ura (Japanese VA), Ricco Fajardo (English VA)
  • Meguru Bachira – Kaito Tasuku (Japanese VA), Drew Breedlove (English VA)
  • Hyoma Chigiri – Soma Saito (Japanese VA), Aaron Dismuke (English VA)
  • Rin Itoshi – Kouki Uchiyama (Japanese VA), Matt Shipman (English VA)
  • Jyubei Aryu – Katsuyuki Konishi (Japanese VA), Bradley Gareth (English VA)

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Blue Lock Season 2 Plot Predictions

Blue Lock season 2 potential release date
Blue Lock season 2 potential release date (Sources: digitalspy)

As we left off in Blue Lock Season 1, the heart-wrenching departure of Kunigami from the Second Selection has left Isagi without his closest friend. Blue Lock Season 2 is poised to explore the aftermath of Kunigami's exit and its profound impact on Isagi.

Based on the events that unfolded in the Season 1 finale, it's highly likely that Blue Lock Season 2 will delve into volumes 12 to 23 of the original manga, known as the Third Selection arc. This particular arc is expected to take center stage, with a storyline that primarily revolves around the elimination of players from 35 to 11. Jinpachi's ultimate goal is to assemble the Blue Lock Eleven, a task that promises both excitement and challenges.

In conclusion, Blue Lock Season 2 holds immense promise and anticipation among fans of the series. While the release date remains a mystery, the return of the beloved cast and the compelling storyline in the Third Selection arc leave us eager for more.


1. When was Blue Lock Season 2 announced?

Blue Lock Season 2 was officially announced in March 2023 during AnimeJapan.

2. How many volumes of the manga does Season 1 cover?

Season 1 of Blue Lock covers 90 chapters or 11 volumes of the original manga.

3. What can we expect from Blue Lock Season 2's storyline?

Season 2 is expected to explore the aftermath of Kunigami's departure and adapt volumes 12 to 23 of the manga, known as the Third Selection arc.

4. Who are some of the returning cast members in Blue Lock Season 2?

Expected returning cast members include Hiroshi Kamiya, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Junichi Suwabe, and others, reprising their roles.

5. When is Blue Lock Season 2 likely to premiere?

While there is no official release date yet, considering Season 1's timeline, fans can anticipate Season 2 to possibly air between May and July 2024.