Action Taimanin September 14 Update Patch Notes Adds ‘Astaroth’ Playable Character

Action Taimanin September 14 Update Patch Notes
Action Taimanin September 14 Update Patch Notes

If your favorite game is also Action Taimanin then there is good news for you. You’ll be glad to know that the Action Taimanin September 14 Update has just been deployed by LiLith after extended maintenance, and here’s the full list of patch notes but you’ll have to stay with us till the end to get it. This new update adds a new playable character named ‘Astaroth’ along with lots of balance updates, new game content, events and features. It also includes several gacha improvements.

You are ready to download this patch with data pack and Wi-Fi. Let me tell you all the relevant information you might need to know about Action Taimanin Patch Notes: September 14 Updates are covered in the next section. You should be able to download and install this latest update as it is now live on all servers. Scroll down this page for more information about Action Taimanin September 14 Update.

Action Taimanin Patch Notes: September 14 Update

Here are the official patch notes for Action Taimanin September 14 Update that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

1. The Queen of the Inferno is here!
The new playable character “Astaroth”, fighting through the flames of hell!
Pickup Gacha with an increased drop rate of Astaroth-exclusive weapon is open!

Roll the gacha a certain number of times and receive a voucher to obtain a UR weapon!
※ Pick Up Gacha until 2021, Oct 19th 01:59 (UTC)
※ Pick Up Gacha Reward: UR Weapon Voucher

2. Golden Pass!
Receive various prizes just by clearing many missions!
Purchase the Special Pass to receive additional + exclusive rewards!
※ Special Pass Prize: Costume Voucher: Autumn Queen etc.
※ Pass purchasable until 2021, Oct 5th 01:59 (UTC)

3. Additional Costumes!
Dress up your Taimanins in “Autumn Breezes”!
Don’t miss out on two new costumes!
※ Available for sale until 2021, October 5th 01:59 (UTC)
※ The sales period for the existing 4 “Autumn Breezes” costumes will not change.

4. Package Improvements
Let us introduce the newly improved Package products!
– A Jump-Up package has been added to help your Taimanin evolve faster!
(※ You cannot purchase BOTH the “Character Package” and the “Jump-Up Package”, you can only purchase one package out of the two.)
– The starter package, which was a collection of everything you need to promote your Taimanin in the early stages, has been reorganized into three more powerful packages!
– The upgrade rewards of the Commander Jump-Start Package have been reorganized!
– A Weekly & Monthly Package is now available where you can purchase the materials needed to upgrade supporters, weapons and awaken characters!

※ Please understand that due to the change in packages, the “Upgrade Package” and “Commander Jump-Start Package 6” are no longer available.

5. Gacha Improvements
Let us introduce the newly improved Gacha!
Check out the Rotation Gacha, where you can pull different supporters and weapons every day!
※ The rotation gacha is reset every day at 15:00 (UTC), thus the rotation time differs by country.
※ The gacha that hasn’t rotated back yet can be purchased with gems until the gacha has been reset.

6. Improvements in the game and bug fixes
– Corrected the passive skill description of the weapon “Hermetic Megistus” to display the number of supporter set effect enhancements.
– You may now use Gems to proceed character promotion / awakening, supporter awakening, weapon forging, and in the facilities when you lack the required materials.
(※ Certain materials are not purchasable with Gems.)
– After you finish using the facilities, the previous items/character you worked on will remain equipped in the facilities.
– Fixed a bug where the rewards for clearing Chapter 15 in Time Attack aren’t displayed correctly.
– Fixed a bug where a part of the next banner is displayed on the current banners.
– Fixed a bug where a crest’s HP increasing options are not displayed correctly.
– Fixed a bug where the number of materials are not displayed correctly when resetting the crests.
– Fixed a bug where the Awaken Points are not displayed correctly after acquiring Awaken Skills.

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