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Does Zombies Level Up Battle Pass? Call Of Duty is a first-person shooter video game published by Activision. On November 16, 2009, Call of Duty: Zombies was released for iOS alone. Many players are now wondering does Zombies level up the battle pass. Scroll down to the end to know does Zombies level up battle pass 2021.

Activision has revealed that you can progress Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer and Warzone battle passes through playing the game’s Zombies mode.

The reveal came yesterday, in which Activision unveiled Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode for the first time. If you purchase any one of the game’s seasonal battle passes, you’ll be able to rank it up and unlock rewards through playing the Zombies mode.

This is really welcome news to avid Call of Duty Zombies players like me. Back in Black Ops 4, the last Call of Duty game to feature a Zombies mode, the mode with the undead felt cut off from the rest of the game, which was always getting fresh new updates like map rollouts and new Operators.

The news really helps tie in the Zombies mode to the rest of Black Ops Cold War. Currently, Modern Warfare battle passes can be progressed through playing either the multiplayer or Warzone modes, with characters, gun skins, and more being unlocked for both modes through battle pass tiers. Adding the Zombies mode into the mix to create three sources of battle pass XP sounds excellent.

Does Zombies Level Up Battle Pass?

For the first time in the history of the game, the game’s developers have let players level up their Battle Pass through Zombie mode. In the previous versions of the game, this was not possible. So for everyone wondering does Zombies level up Battle Pass, the answer is yes, they do! The latest Zombies game mode was released in the Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. So players who have the Battle Pass can earn exp and points even by playing the zombies mode.

Zombies Level Up Battle Pass

In the earlier versions of the game, this was not possible. So fans of the game always left out since other modes had more rewards. But all that has changed now. This change ties up the Zombie mode together with the rest of the game. So players won’t feel like playing it is a waste of time. Apart from Battle Pass rewards, players can also get rare items and equipment, which are exclusive to the Zombie mode. So this is welcome news for all the fans of Call of Duty Zombies. Notice that at last, for the foremost time in Battle Pass, players will be able to get rewards by playing the Zombies “Containment Zone” Operator Mission. The “Siberian Ghost” and “Toxic terror” skins can now be unlocked by finishing the objectives. The rewards include a calling Card, Emblem and also XP. Also know that when you unlock “Sicario” Skin, you will find one more Zombies Operator Mission along with a Tier 20 that is multiplayer-based.

Zombies Level Up Battle Pass Call Of Duty

In Call of Duty, when you level up, you will receive amazing rewards in the game. In Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, a Battle Pass system is always included where you get to receive rewards such as Weapon Blueprints, 2 New Base weapons, about 300 COD points and whatnot. Below-given are some rewards you can get by playing the game. 

  • New Weapons Blueprint- Assault Rifle Blueprint, Tactical Rifle and SMG
  • New Base Weapons- Mac- 10 SMG, Groza Assault Rifle
  • Stitch and Skin- Adlar operator Skin and Mission, Silver Flash Watch, Seasonal XP Boost
  • 1300 COD Points
  • Operators- Beck Skin, Adler Skin and Finishing Move.
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