Yogi returned with the formula of victory from Modi-Shah: The focus will be on solving caste equation, strategy to save vote bank from disintegration by persuading Apna Dal and Nishad Party


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has returned from a two-day visit to Delhi with the winning formula for Mission-2022 i.e. the next assembly elections. For two days, the CM met the big leaders of the party in Delhi. Yogi also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and National President JP Nadda. Now its political meaning is being explored.

According to the information, the CM has counted the works of his government in front of Modi-Shah in the second wave of Corona. Along with this, information has been given about the preparations for Mission 2022. It is being said that now the entire focus of the party is the assembly elections to be held in UP in 2022. A special strategy has also been prepared to repeat the historic victory of 2017.

Focus on Equalization of Ethnicity

The party’s first priority is to set caste equations. It is being said that the caste equation of UP was behind the party’s historic victory in 2017. In the last assembly elections, the BJP had got the support of all castes in UP, winning 325 seats with the party allies. It is said that non-Yadav OBC had a big hand in this big victory of BJP. OBCs are about 40% in UP and they hold a lot of importance in the politics of UP.

The Depressed Classes also constitute about 21% of the total population. In this sense, politics matters a lot. After this comes the number 20% of the upper castes. It has the highest number of 11% Brahmins, 6% Thakurs and 3% Kayasthas and Vaishyas. It is believed that the BJP got the majority of the backward caste votes except Yadav. Apart from Jatav, a large number of Dalits also voted for BJP. But the small parties with whom BJP had brought these vote banks in its court are now either away from the party or are angry.

Sadhana of small parties is also a big challenge

CM Yogi has also been asked to work out a strategy to deal with these small parties along with the organization. Apart from Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party, Nishad Party and Apna Dal(S) will also have to be brought with the party. Apna Dal leader Anupriya Patel will be inducted into the Union Cabinet. Along with this, some seats of Zilla Panchayat President can also be given to Apna Dal. Nishad Party leaders have also met MLC AK Sharma in Delhi. It is believed that if the cabinet is expanded, then they can also get a place.

Not only this, the Bharatiya Suheldev Samaj Party is no longer with the BJP. In 2017, SBSP contested 8 seats in alliance with BJP and won 4 seats. This party also has a lot of influence in some districts of Purvanchal of UP. Party leader Om Prakash Rajbhar has distanced himself from the BJP and it is now becoming a problem for the party. Therefore, a strategy is being made to include a big Rajbhar leader in the party to cut it.

Government and organizations will reach door to door

Apart from bringing caste equations and connecting smaller parties together, the party will try to connect every section of the society in UP. Along with the government, the organization will also play a big role in this. Perhaps that is why the CM has been asked to work together with the government and the organization. The big strategists of the party in Delhi have designed this campaign.

With the help of the organization, the schemes of the government will be delivered to every household. It will also be told how the double engine government has accelerated the progress of UP. The big leaders of the party will go among the public and tell the efforts of the government in the Corona epidemic. Along with this, all possible government help will also be provided to them.

BJP will soon start Mission 2022

BJP feels that the opposition is weak in Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, if Mission 2022 is started soon, then big success can be achieved. The party also believes that its biggest strength is Hindutva. Yogi is the biggest face in the state. The party feels that like in 2017, Modi’s magic will work this time too.