Yogi government’s face may change before UP elections, Narendra Modi’s aide may get a big role


Even though the central leadership of BJP keeps saying that there will be no change in UP, but the question arises whether top bureaucrat Ek Sharma has been brought into UP politics just to be made MLC? Maybe not. If you look at the history of those joining politics, you will find that the people of this community have always held high positions.

UP has elections next year. It would also not be wrong to say that Corona has done the most damage to the image of BJP due to being in power. BJP is worried. She is sending observers one after the other to Lucknow to know the ground reality. First, Dattatreya, who had the status of number two in the Sangh, had come to Hosabole. Then National General Secretary BAL Santosh and National Vice President Radha Mohan Singh came together and kept on meeting ministers, office bearers and dissidents for three days, not one or two.

Political pundits were speculating that some major changes would be announced in UP when Santosh and Radha Mohan would submit their report to party president JP Nadda. But, instead of this happening, the party leaders started making statements on the statement that there will be no change in UP. There is hardly any big leader in BJP who is thinking of having a new Chief Minister in UP. Yogi Adityanath is precious to the BJP. He participates in every state election as star campaigner.

So is everything in UP? Even many BJP leaders do not agree to this in internal talks. But big changes also give rise to problems. The BJP does not want it to face new problems before the 2022 elections. That’s why knowledgeable sources suggest that there will be changes but only to fit the new equation. Frankly speaking, to fit the caste equation. For example, this saying, even if it is false, is going on among the people that Brahmins have no good condition. Needless to say, AK Sharma, an IAS-turned-politician, becomes a great fit at this point.

So, what will be the position of Sharma ji in the coming tomorrow? No one has the answer for this yet. Earlier it was heard that Swatantra Dev Singh could be replaced as BJP President and Keshavdev Maurya could be replaced. Maurya is currently the Deputy Chief Minister. So, it was believed that AK Sharma could be made Yogi’s deputy. But, according to the latest information, this guess is rejected. It is being said that Swatantra Dev will continue as the president and the assembly elections should be fought under the leadership of him and Yogi Adityanath.

Then what will be the position of Sharma ji? Sources say that any decision in this regard will be taken after the Covid infection subsides further. Maybe a decision will be taken in July. Actually, party president JP Nadda is coming to Lucknow in July. He will once again take stock of the situation and then a suitable chair will be fixed for Sharma ji, which will also benefit the party in the elections.