X-Men’s Surprising Victory: Understanding the Enemy in 2023

X Mens Surprising Victory Understanding the Enemy in 2023
X Mens Surprising Victory Understanding the Enemy in 2023

The X-Men's first major battle in 2023 ends in a surprising way as the team surrenders to their enemy in order to achieve understanding. This comes after the X-Men successfully survive the catastrophic events of Judgment Day and the machinations of Mr. Sinister, only to face the Dark Web event. In Dark Web: X-Men #3, the ultimate villain of the event is defeated not through violence, but through the kindness and understanding of Jean Grey, a potential leader of the X-Men.

The aftermath of Judgment Day leaves the X-Men's island of Krakoa in ruins, but the nation is eventually able to recover. However, the secret of mutant resurrection is not so fortunate, causing humanity to fear mutants more than ever before. The Dark Web event, in which Peter Parker's clone, Ben Reilly, obtains new, mystical powers and uses them to plunge the Earth into a world of inanimate objects come to life, only adds fuel to the fire. One of the masterminds behind the event is none other than Madelyn Pryor, Jean Grey's evil clone.

In Dark Web: X-Men #3, written by Gerry Duggan with art by Rod Reis & Phil Noto, Jean Grey confronts Pryor in her castle in Limbo. Pryor demands Jean Grey's memories, and Jean realizes that Pryor wants one thing: the memories of Jean's time with Nathan, Pryor's son, before he left. Jean, disarmed, offers up the memories without a fight, understanding that it will not take away her own memories.

The X-Men Win By Understanding The Villain, Not Fighting Her

Madelyn Pryor was just a pawn of Mr. Sinister in his larger scheme against the nation of Krakoa. It is only natural that Jean Grey would show compassion towards her clone, as she too was a victim of manipulation during the Dark Phoenix Saga. This event showcases Jean's leadership capabilities and her understanding that violence is not always the answer. Her actions in the Dark Web event prove her compassionate nature, as she doesn't need her telepathic powers to see a person's true nature.

As the Dark Web event comes to a close, the X-Men have decided that 2023 will be a year of understanding and not violence. The team has learned from the devastating events of Judgment Day that they must come together through hope and the Phoenix Foundation, led by Jean Grey, proves this. The X-Men's time in the Dark Web event may be ending, but their journey as a team is just beginning.

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