WWE Smackdown: Seth Rollins gave the answer in many languages with Hindi, Bhojpuri and Tamil, Superstar’s fans said funny video


WWE Smackdown- Seth Rollins gave the answer in many languages ​​​​with Hindi, Bhojpuri and Tamil, the fans of the superstar said funny Video: WWE Smackdown Superstar Seth Rollins (WWE Smackdown Superstar Seth Rollins) remains very active on social media. Some of his posts often go viral. Along with this, a post is becoming quite viral on social media these days. But this post has not been posted by Seth but on behalf of WWE India. Where Seth is being asked some questions and he is answering them in different languages.

This post has been shared on Instagram on behalf of WW India. Where he is being given the Indian Greetings Challenge by Gaylin Mendonsa. Where Seth is answering questions asked by Gaylin Mendonsa in different languages. First of all, Gaylin spread Namaste on Seth’s screen, to which Seth gave the correct answer. After this, how are you on Seth’s screen, you were flashed. To which Seth gave wrong answer. At the same time, after this, Vankam was flashed on his screen, whose answer he also gave wrong.

In this entire three-minute video, many questions were asked to Seth. Where Seth answered some questions right and some questions he answered wrong. This video of Seth is also being liked a lot. More than eight thousand people have seen this video so far. At the same time, great comments of people are also coming on this. Where the audience is telling this video to be very funny.

What’s next for Seth Rollins on SmackDown?

Seth Rollins had badly attacked Cesaro a few weeks ago. Since then, Cesaro has not appeared on SmackDown TV. It is believed that soon Cesaro may return to SmackDown and his feud with Seth Rollins may go ahead. After which there can be a match between these two in Hell in Cell.