WWE Smackdown Results: Cesaro takes revenge on Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio and Roman Rance start a new war

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WWE Smackdown Results- Cesaro made a spectacular comeback and took revenge on Seth Rollins, the new battle between Rey Mysterio and Roman Reigns: There was a lot to see in today’s show of Smackdown. Today’s show started with Jimmy Uso and the show ended with a brawl. Where Rey Mysterio and Dominic attack Roman to take revenge on him. At the same time, Cesaro, making his spectacular comeback today, not only took revenge on Seth Rollins but also humiliated him. Apart from this, what happened today on the show of SmackDown, let us know…

WWE Smackdown Results Jimmy Uso Segment

Today’s SmackDown show started with Jimmy Uso’s segment. Where he appeared quite annoyed by Roman’s actions last week. Jimmy threatens Roman that he is going to do something like this today. Which they will never regret.

Roman didn’t expect this from Jimmy. After which he asked J Uso to explain to Jimmy. Jimmy accuses Roman of trying to separate Jimmy and Jay by creating a rift between them. Which he wouldn’t let happen at all.

WWE Smackdown Results Kevin Owens & Big E vs. Apollo Crews & Sami Zayn

In this match, Kevin Owens attacked both Apollo Krause and Sami Zayn. Kevin throws Sammy out of the ring and continues to attack Apollo inside the ring. But Apollo took advantage of Kevin’s disorientation to return to the match. After which, Krause and Sammy started tagging each other.

But when Kevin tagged Big E after getting the opportunity but after the initial momentum, Big E could not do much. After which Sammy and Apollo also got hold of Big E. But as soon as Kevin got the tag, Kevin pinned Sammy with a swanton and stunner to end the match and took the win.

WWE Smackdown Results Liv Morgan vs Carmella

Liv Morgan started attacking Carmella from the very beginning. Carmella then responds by taking Liv out of the ring and, like last week, she continues to dominate Liv then she goes to the announce table to Liv and asks Michael Cole to tell everyone how beautiful she is.

Carmella had control over Liv for most of the match as she was attacking Liv. But in the final moments of the match, Liv gained some momentum for his side and made his finishing move on Carmella to pin her and win.

WWE Smackdown Results Backstage

Roman Reigns was very angry with Jimmy backstage. Where he tells Jay why his brother is putting him in this bad position. From these words of Roman, it seems that J Uso may have to face some increased trouble soon. Jay Uso is badly caught between Jimmy and Roman at the moment and his situation is such that he can’t even choose between the two.

WWE Smackdown Results Bayley Segment Bayley
first invited Seth Rollins as a guest on her talk show and asked her to sit down. Rollins appeared quite excited in this interview with Bayley. At the same time, Seth praised Bayley for what she did to Bianca Blair a few weeks ago and called her a master manipulator. After this, both started laughing out loud.

Bayley then showed a clip of Seth Rollins knocking out Cesaro on WWE SmackDown three weeks ago. After which both of them started laughing loudly again. But just then the doorbell of Belle’s ding dong show rings and Seth says I am a gentleman and I will open the door. But as soon as Seth opens the door, he sees Cesaro standing in front of him.

After which Cesaro attacks Seth badly. Cesaro not only attacks Seth but also humiliates him by taking off his pants. After which Seth runs away from there. After this, Bianca Blair’s music plays and she stands in the entrance area and laughs at Bayley.

WWE Smackdown Results Backstage

Rey Mysterio promises to call Roman Reigns tonight and show him what a family really looks like.

WWE Smackdown Results Chad Gable vs Montez Ford
This match was very good. Where the match was seen between Chad Gable and Montez Ford. Chad impressed everyone in this match. Where Chad once again showed his talent after a long time. He kept his hold on Ford from the beginning. But in the final moments of the match, as Ford tried to make a splash on Gable, gaining momentum in the match, Otis came inside the ring and attacked Ford.

After which this match got disqualified. But even after this, Otis continued this attack in and out of the ring. Otis hit Ford twice inside the ring. After which WWE officials came and stopped him.

WWE Smackdown Results Shinsuke Nakamura vs King Corbin

The match between Nakamura and Corbin continued this week as well. As the match began, Rick Booges played his guitar to distract Corbin. Nakamura took advantage of this and attacked Corbin. But Corbin soon regained control of Nakamura and made a deep 6 on the Japanese star. But Nakamura rolled Corbin up and pinned for the win.

But Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville had an opinion after this match. Where they both decided that Nakamura and Corbin would compete for the crown next week.

WWE Smackdown Results Backstage

Backstage, Jimmy and Roman face off and Roman asks Jimmy what happened. Due to which Jimmy turned against his family and brothers. Roman says that this is my work which was solved only by talks. After this Jimmy leaves from there.

WWE Smackdown Results Rey Mysterio calls out Roman Reigns

Rey comes into the ring and calls Roman Reigns out. After a while, Roman enters the ring with his special counsel Paul Heyman. After this, Ray makes his point and challenges Roman to Hell in Cell. Just as the Romans are about to accept the challenge. Similarly, Ray attacks him with a kendo stick. But Roman soon responds to this attack by hitting Ray with a Superman Punch.

Just when Roman is about to spare Ray, Dominic also arrives and attacks Ray with a candle stick. But Roman catches Dominic and hits him with a power bomb outside the ring. After leaving the ring, Rey again attacks Roman with a cano stick, and as he walks over to see Dominic, Roman hits Rey with a boot. After which this segment comes to an end.