WWE Rumors: Is John Cena going to return with a heel turn, know what is the company’s planning for the superstar


WWE Rumors- Is John Cena going to return with a heel turn, know what is the company’s planning for the superstar: The rumour of the return of 16-time World Champion John Cena is spreading very fast. He may return in an episode of WWE Smackdown. There are some wrestlers in WWE Superstars too. Who has never taken a heel turn? One of them is John Cena. Cena has never run a heel in WWE. He has always been the babyface for the company. Which the audience has also been very fond of. However, since the news of his return surfaced, there have been rumours that the Leader of Cessation might be getting a heel gimmick. Which he never did in his entire WWE career.

Is WWE planning to turn heel for John Cena?

WWE Rumors: In WWE, we have seen most of the big superstars play both heels and babyfaces. The ‘good’ side has always been associated with Cena. But there was a time when he was about to become a heel

According to former WWE writer Matt McCarthy, Cena was close to Turning Heel and his heel character was discussed backstage for a long time. Vince McMahon once spoke with Cena about the heel character and responded by creating a special gear for his new personality of the 16-time world champion.

McCarty revealed that “Cena had the gear made for the heel turn … I don’t know what the gear was, but the specific gear was ready for him and he was looking forward to it.”

Vince wanted something like Bret Hart for John Cena

WWE Rumors: Montreal screw-job and Bret Hart’s transformation from there was pretty cool. It was one of the heights of Bret Hart’s illustrious career. Taking a heel turn, Vince was planning something for Cena.

McCarthy revealed that “Vince McMahon kept trying to figure out how we could do it like Bret Hart? Where he was a heel in some places, but in other places, he was a babyface. But Sean had said, ‘If I’m going to be a heel, I want to be a full heel,’ and it got pretty close to it and I’m sure he still has this gear. Like Cena gearing up for a heel turn? There are no jorts anymore. I don’t know what the gear was, but he had the specific gear ready and waiting and then frankly we know that never happened.