WWE RAW: The Fiend can attack these five superstars on their return, WWE can include it in its plan


WWE RAW- The Fiend may attack these five superstars on their return, WWE may include it in their plan: The Fiend suddenly disappeared after losing to Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 37. Since this PPV, WWE has not appeared on TV. His fans have been waiting for the return of The Find for a long time. But soon The Find is going to return once again. According to some reports, The Find may return on the August 9 episode of Monday Night RAW.

According to Sean Ross of Fightful, Find has been advertised for the Monday Night Raw show on August 9 to sell tickets.

“The Find is advertised for August 9th RAW.”

“Edge is advertised for SmackDown September 3. The sale material of both tickets is promo material.

The return of Find is almost certain, but with which superstars he can release his feud on his return, let us know…

WWE RAW- The Fiend Feud with Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is the biggest babyface in WWE today. He lost his last WWE Championship match against the All-Mighty Bobby Lashley, but the Scottish Warriors are still Raw’s finest Superstars.

At the moment Drew is out of the picture of the WWE Championship. This means that a feud against the returning Fiend could be a storyline that WWE plans to have. If that happens, we could see both Fiend and Drew getting involved in a new story.

WWE RAW- The Fiend feud with Bobby Lashley

Fans had hoped that Fiend might face Bobby Lashley at the Hell in a Cell PPV event, but that didn’t happen. However, there could be a feud between The Fiend and the All-Mighty WWE Champion in the times to come.

If there is a feud between the two, it will be for the WWE Championship and The Fiend will be ready to capture the title to ensure his massive return to the company.

WWE RAW- The Fiend feud with Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston is another top babyface of the RED brand. His next assignment is that of All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley for the title at the Money in the Bank PPV. This match against Bobby Lashley could make him the Vapor Champion and he could fit into the storyline with Fiend.

Kofi vs The Find can happen at any time in WWE’s plans. Through this feud, not only will Kofi get a push, but Fiend can also become a part of the WWE Championship.

WWE Raw-The Fiend feud with AJ Styles

Heel or babyface face AJ Styles is probably one of the most technically sound wrestlers in WWE. His heel run limits him but as a babyface, AJ Styles is worth watching. Styles has never feuded with Fiend and this storyline could effectively grab the attention of Fiend when he returns.

Preparations for this fight can begin as soon as the find comes back. Styles is not gaining any momentum as a singles contestant. But a worthy name like The Find can get them back on track again.

WWE Raw-The Fiend’s feud with Sheamus

Sheamus is the current United States Champion and Fiend may attack Sheamus for the United States Championship upon his return. After which the feud of this championship can get momentum from WWE and Sheamus can also get a good challenger for his championship.