WWE Raw: Sheamus will return on Raw next week, will defend his title from this superstar as soon as he arrives


WWE Raw- Sheamus will return to Raw next week, will defend his title from this superstar as soon as he arrives: United States Champion Sheamus is going to return to Raw next week after his nose surgery. This was announced by WWE on tonight’s episode of Raw. Sheamus will not only make his comeback next week but will also defend his United States Championship. Sheamus will face Humberto Carrillo next week. This is the same superstar because of which Sheamus suffered a nose injury and had to undergo surgery on his nose.

Sheamus had a deep animosity with Carrillo prior to this surgery. In a singles match between Sheamus and Carrillo on the June 1 episode of WWE Raw, Carrillo’s elbow went to Sheamus’s nose. Because of which Sheamus’s nose was broken.

But the Celtic Warrior still kept fighting the match with this broken nose. But he could not win this match. After this match, it was made clear by WWE that Sheamus had broken his nose and he would have to undergo surgery on his nose. After which Sheamus got his nose surgery done on 5th June. A picture of which he also posted on his official Twitter account. In which he was seen having tape on his nose.

WWE Raw: Will the feud between the two superstars resume?

The story between these two was left incomplete after Sheamus went on a break. Both the superstars have given their great performance in the ring. But after the injury of Sheamus, it was believed that this feud would end here.

Returning next week, Sheamus is set to take on Carrillo once again, with the United States Championship in line this time. So this match is going to be great. At the same time, the competition of these two can be seen in the upcoming PPV. Which can also be the SummerSlam PPV to be held on 21 August.


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