WWE RAW: Rift in RK-Bro relationship, Riddle said this to Viper by sharing a private message of himself and Randy Orton


WWE RAW- RK-Bro relationship rift, Riddle shares private message of himself and Randy Orton to Viper: RK-Bro on WWE Raw The most exciting and fun tag teams of all time is one of. This pairing of Riddle and Randy Orton is most loved by the audience on Monday Night RAW. The chemistry between Orton and Riddle is so great that it made the WWE Universe see this RK-Bro pairing. Be it a match or a segment. But since last week nothing is going well between these two. Which can be seen through a tweet.

Riddle has tweeted a private message from his official Twitter account of himself and Randy Orton. In which Riddle is trying to convince Randy and saying that everything will be fine if you are mad. But Randy Orton has not yet responded to this tweet by Riddle. Seeing which it seems that nothing is going well between this RK-Bro team and Randy Orton is running angry with Riddle at this time.

WWE RAW: What happened last week between Riddle and Randy Orton

Randy Orton and John Morrison had a Money in the Bank qualifying match on last week’s show of Monday Night Raw. In which Miz was repeatedly distracting Orton’s attention. After which the Riddle also has an entry on the ring side area. But this distracts Randy and Morrison pinned Randy to win.

At the same time, Riddle and Drew McIntyre competed for the Money in the Bank qualifying match. In which Riddle took a surprise victory. After Riddle’s victory, Randy also appeared on the entrance area and Riddle appeared very emotional on his victory. He tried to talk to Randy again and again, but Randy did not talk to him at all.

WWE RAW: Randy Orton will have his last chance

This week’s Money in the Bank qualifying match on Raw is being given the last chance to the losing Superstars. In which there will be a Triple Threat match and Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles and Randy Orton will all face each other and the winning Superstar will be the fourth Superstar to qualify for a Money in the Bank match for Raw.

Last chance for Randy. If he wins this triple threat match, he will qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match, but if he loses, he will be out of this year’s Money in the Bank qualifying match. So Randy has to win this match by all means.

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