WWE RAW Results: Bobby Lashley got a big defeat, Alexa Bliss was challenged by Nia, know the full condition of this week’s Raw


WWE RAW Results- Bobby Lashley got a big defeat, Nia gave a challenge to Alexa Bliss, know the full condition of this week’s Raw: Today’s episode of Monday Night RAW was very good. If we talk about today’s show, then we got to see a lot in today’s main event where the first match was between AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre, then later this match was Six Man Tag Team Match. Has been made. Apart from this, what happened in today’s episode of Raw, let’s know…

WWE RAW Results Alexa Bliss And Nia Jax Backstage Segment

Alexa Bliss starts the night by reminiscing about what Lily did to Shayna Baszler last night. Nia Jax then comes into the picture and says that Shayna Baszler will face Alexa at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Alexa accepts the challenge. After this Nia challenges Alexa for tonight and Alexa accepts it too.

WWE RAW Results Nikki Cross vs Charlotte Flair

Nikki Cross and Queen Charlotte Flair faced each other in the first match of the night. As soon as the bell rang, Rhea Ripley’s music played and the Raw Women’s Champion was revealed. Because of which Nikki gets a chance and tries a roll-up pin on Charlotte.

Charlotte then throws Nikki out of the ring and continues to play with her. Charlotte was troubling Nikki. Nikki then hits a Tornado DDT on Charlotte from the turnbuckle and captures Queen. After which Charlotte, defending herself, threw Nikki backwards out of the ring but only before the count out, Nikki went inside the ring.

But Charlotte started arguing with Rhea outside due to which the count out was completed and Nikki once again defeated Charlotte. Charlotte was completely shocked by her defeat and started attacking Nikki badly.

WWE Raw Results Jeff Hardy vs John Morrison

These two stalwarts were fighting each other after more than a decade. As the match began, Morrison distracted Jeff and gathered momentum into Matt. Suddenly Cedric Alexander’s music played and he surprised everyone by coming out. Hardy and Morrison were both fighting in the ring. But Hardy could not hold onto Morrison and Morrison won by putting a starship pen on Hardy.

WWE RAW Results Jeff Hardy vs Cedric Alexander (If Jeff loses he will retire)

After Hardy’s match against Morrison ended, Alexander stated that he respected Hardy but later taunted Hardy that he had no respect for Legend and wanted to send him to a retirement home. Hardy said he would retire if Alexander beat him now.

As the match began, Alexander began attacking Hardy’s left knee. Alexander started chatting with Hardy before going to Air Born but Hardy ran away and then he hit Alexander with Twist of Fate and also hit a Swanton Bomb to win. Hardy then won by pinning Alexander.

WWE RAW Results Eva Marie Returns

WWE announced Naomi’s match with Eva Marie in singles action for tonight’s show. Eva came on stage with Niven. Eva remained on the stage and Niven quickly entered the ring. Niven then asked the confused referee to ring the bell. Because Niven was competing with Naomi instead of Eva.

Niven then attacked Naomi and finished her off with a Michinoku driver in the middle of the ring. After the match, Eva took the mic to the side of the ring and declared herself the winner. Eva did not set foot in the ring at all. Niven hugs Eva standing at ringside after winning the match. Which made Eva a little scared. After this both of them celebrated their victory.

WWE RAW Results The New Day vs RK-Bro

Riddle and Woods started things off in the classic wrestling style. Woods and Kofi were constantly tagging each other and harassing Riddle. He mainly targeted Riddle’s left hand and did not let him tag. However, Riddle dodged Woods by hitting him on the left foot and tagging along with Randy to get the opening.

Randy tried to get things back to normal, but RK-Bro couldn’t hold off on New Day for long. In this match both the teams faced each other for a long time. Because of which the superstars of both the teams were tired. Woods and Randy were in the ring in the final moments of the match. Woods tried to strike Randy while acrobatic, but Randy then hit him with an RKO and pinned him to win.

WWE RAW Results Rhea Ripley Backstage

Rhea Ripley talks about her chances of defeating Charlotte at Hell in a Cell. But for now, her focus was on her match with former Raw Women’s Champion Asuka.

WWE Raw Results Asuka vs Rhea Ripley

In this match, Asuka was looking sharp from the beginning. He used his striking ability to surprise Riya. However, the champion soon got hold of Asuka. Riya then took Asuka outside the ring and hit her face on the barricades.

After this both the contestants were in the ring. To take control of the match, Asuka hit a dropkick on Riya from the top rope and then attacked her with her knees. But Riya also tried to make a comeback in the match and tried to suplex Asuka. But she failed and Asuka started kicking her chest again.h

The match was completely under Asuka’s control. But avoiding Asuka’s fierce blows, Riya hit an Asuka rip-tide and won the match via pinfall. After the match was over, Charlotte attacked Rhea from behind and later a brawl started between the two. Officials had to come to ringside to get rid of it.

WWE RAW Results Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax

Alexa Bliss puts two sleeper holds on Nia Jax and completely stuns the Irresistible Force. Nia, however, took advantage of her strength to come back into the match. He hit Alexa with multiple suplexes and clotheslines.

But Bliss regains the momentum with a DDT and hits Nia with a twisted Bliss off the top rope. Just as Alexa was about to pin Nia for the win, Reginald came in and lifted Bliss off Nia. Due to which this match was disqualified and Alexa
Bliss won the match.

WWE RAW Results Elias vs Jaxson Ryker

To get hold of this match, Elias chops on Raikar’s chest. He was continuously attacking Raikar fiercely. Raikar comes back with a double X to stop Elias’ movement.

Raikar hit Elias in the ring with a Raging Spine Buster and then pulled him out with a spine torn at the ring post. Elias was walking outside the ring while Raikar came back inside. After this, Elias did not come to the ring even after the referee’s 10 count and Jackson Raiker was declared the winner by the referee.

WWE RAW Results AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre
Tonight’s main event of Raw saw a match between AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre. But along with Bobby Lashley, some ladies and MVPs were watching the match at the entrance area. Drew McIntyre showed complete control in this match.

AJ did make some comebacks in between. But not a single one went in front of his Drew McIntyre. Drew was about to kick Claymore on AJ. Only then did Omos take him out of the ring.

But at the same time the Viking Raiders’ music played and they too came near the ring side. But in the middle of this match, a brawl was seen in the middle of all of them.

WWE Raw Results Six Man Tag Team Match

AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre match was announced for a six-man tag team match. Where Bobby Lashley teamed up with AJ and The Omos and Drew McIntyre teamed up with the Viking Raiders.

Where both these teams fought very brilliantly. Along with the power of Omos, the Viking Raiders also gave their tremendous performance. AJ and McIntyre were in the ring in the final moments of the match. AJ then tagged Bobby. But Bobby was hit by a Claymore kick by McIntyre and pinned for the win.