WWE Raw Next Week: Drew McIntyre will face AJ Styles, apart from this big match has also been announced


WWE Raw Next Week – Drew McIntyre will face AJ Styles, apart from this big match has also been announced: WWE Raw’s go-to next week before Hell in A Cell Two big matches have been announced for the home episode. Last week on WWE Raw, we saw Drew McIntyre sign a contract with Tag Team Battle Royale and Bobby Lashley. Due to which the viewership of Raw had also increased. At the same time, some important announcements have been made for RAW next week which are as follows.

WWE announced the return of Eva Marie just last week. After at least six promos in the past one month, Eva Marie is all set to make an appearance on WWE TV after a long wait of 4 years. His last WWE television appearance was on SmackDown Live in 2017.

RK-Bro vs The New Day

The first match to be announced for next week will be between RK-Bro and The New Day. The story line of these two tag teams has been going on for weeks. Where once again the match between RK-Bro and The New Day will be seen. Both Riddle and Xavier Woods will try to give their best in this match. Because the tension between these two is going on for a long time.

AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre

There is no feud going on between AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre at the moment. Both of them are known for their stellar performances and the match between these two will surely grab the attention of the audience. McIntyre would definitely like to make a big win before going into a Hell in a Cell match against All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

Loss or victory doesn’t matter much for AJ as he is currently enjoying this run as the Raw Tag-Team Champion with The Omos. The singles competition won’t impress AJ much at this stage but would prefer to win over Phenomenal One in a one-on-one fight.