WWE RAW: Charlotte Flair’s knee injury turned out to be false, Rhea Ripley exposed The Queen in this way


WWE RAW – Charlotte Flair’s knee injury turned out to be false, Rhea Ripley exposed The Queen: Last week, Charlotte Flair teamed up with Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina to face Rhea Ripley, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke . Charlotte gave her team victory by pinning Mandy Rose. But when Charlotte was celebrating her victory, Rhea Ripley hit a chop lock on Charlotte’s knee from behind. After which Charlotte was seen in pain. A segment was booked for this week by RAW. In which Charlotte gave her medical update to her WWE Universe

WWE RAW: Charlotte Flair’s knee injury was false

Charlotte Flair’s medical update turned out to be false because The Queen was pretending to have a knee injury. In one segment tonight, Charlotte was seen standing in the ring with crutches. He started the segment by saying that he would be able to compete in the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV event, giving Rhea Ripley a chance to escape.

Rhea Ripley also came out on crutches while Charlotte was talking about it and said that she knew Flair was pretending to be hurt and that she should stop the play. The two women came face to face and first both kicked each other’s crutches. After the crutches fell, both stood in the ring and after that, both of them started attacking each other with crutches. In which Rhea Ripley won and in this way she exposed Charlotte.

WWE RAW: Matches announced for next week

This will be the last episode of WWE Raw in WWE Thunderdome. For which these four matches have been announced.

  • Eric vs Omos
  • Ivar vs AJ Styles
  • Ricochet vs John Morrison (Falls Count Anywhere Match)
  • Sheamus vs Humberto Carrillo (United States Championship match)


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