WWE NXT Takeover Results: Raquel Gonzales retains his title, defeats Ember Moon in a tough match


WWE NXT Takeover Results – Raquel Gonzales retains his title, defeats Ember Moon in a tight match: Raquel Gonzalez’s first title defence as NXT Women’s Champion was quite good. where he defeated Ember Moon tonight at Capital Wrestling Center to retain his title. It was a match in which both these superstars caused havoc both inside and outside the ring. She was filled with anger at what happened to Ember Moon for the past two weeks. But still she failed to win the Women’s Title.

Power moves seen in the
match Both of them started the match with strong strikes. Which was almost a brawl. Moon was ambushing, but Gonzalez responded in his own style. Moon kept himself alive in the match with a double knee strike and other impressive moves with kicks.

At one point, Moon had a hold on Gonzalez and she was about to win the match. But Dakota Kai put Gonzalez’s foot on the bottom rope to retain the champion and her championship.

Shotji Blackheart’s surprise comeback

Shotji Blackheart was attacked by Raquel Gonzalez at WWE NXT two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, Blackheart was hit by a power bomb on the ramp by the champion. After which he had to miss last week’s show. But she returns tonight to take out Dakota Kai who

Joe was helping Gonzalez stay in the match at ringside. Shotji ambushed Dakota Kai and took her to the ramp, killing her. Blackheart not only took Dakota to the ramp but took her
backstage, beating her. So that he could not help Gonzalez in the match.

Gonzalez ended the match with a powerbomb
After more than 20 minutes of fighting, Moon hit a DDT from the middle rope on the rampway to pin Gonzalez, but Gonzalez Moon’s move did not work. Because she was a champion, Gonzalez then responded to Moon’s DDT with her powerbomb and won the match by pinfall. After which Ember Moon had to face defeat in this match and Raquel Gonzalez managed to retain her title.