WWE NXT Takeover Results: MSK and Bronson Reed retain their titles by defeating Legado del Fantasma


WWE NXT Takeover Results – MSK and Bronson Reed retain their titles against Legado del Fantasma Totally successful in maintaining it. It was Reid’s first title defense since winning the North American Championship at WWE NXT three weeks earlier.

MSK and Legado del Fantasma faced off two weeks ago

The trio of MSK and Bronson Reid together thwarted Legado del Fantasma’s efforts to retain their Tag Team Title and the North American Title today, and that’s what they did tonight. Two weeks earlier, Mendoza and Wilde earned a tag-team title shot against MSK. In which he lost despite the intervention of Santos Escobar. MSK was helped by Bronson Reid at that time. Since then, the enmity of all of them had reached the peak.

What happened tonight at NXT Takeover In Your House

Both the Tag Team Title and the North American Championship were at stake in today’s match at NXT Take Over In Your House. The rules of the match were simple. If any member of Legado del Fantasma pinned any member of MSK or Broson Reid, he would win and the title would belong to him. Which means Santos Escobar will win the NXT North American Championship, while Wilde and Mendoza will become the NXT Tag Team Champions.

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This was Broson Reid’s first title defense since becoming the North American champion. Because of which the pressure was too much on him today. In this match, Reid did not let Legado del Fantasma breathe a sigh of relief. After a few strikes from Escobar, Reid returned to the match and threw him over the barricades, giving him a glimpse of the past. After which he pinned Mendoza with a brilliant splash and gave his team the victory.