WWE NXT Takeover Results: LA Knight becomes the new “Million Dollar” man, defeats Cameron Grimes to win the title


WWE NXT Takeover Results – LA Knight Becomes the New “Million Dollar” Man, defeats Cameron Grimes to win the coveted Million Dollar Title between LA Knight and Cameron Grimes tonight at NXT Takeover In Your House Dollar Title) matched. Where LA Knight won tonight’s match. LA Knight became the 5th champion ever to win the championship after Ted DiBiase, Virgil, Stone Cold (The Ringmaster) and Ted DiBiase Jr.

LA Knight beat Grimes after a tight match

It all started with Ted DiBiase. Joe brought the Million Dollar Title to the ring and hung it up. The match started with a shoulder block and a tie-up. After which both the superstars started trying to bring the ladder into the ring and when the ladder came in, both the wrestlers stopped each other from climbing the ladder.

Knight was the first to throw Grimes into the ring after bringing the ladder inside the ring. The two fought fiercely with each other in and out of the ring. Both the wrestlers were not ready to give up. Before the end of the match, Grimes made a splash on the knight and he began to climb the ladder, and later the two contestants climbed the ladder and started fighting with each other. Knight was preventing Grimes from climbing the ladder. But after some time, Grimes reached the top of the ladder.

But Knight bent the ladder and Grimes was injured by falling on the stairs on the rampway. Knight got the advantage and he quickly climbed the stairs to win the Million Dollar Championship and won this championship to his name.