WWE NXT Results: 5th Face-Off Segment: Only Adam Cole is standing in the ring with the title


WWE NXT Results – 5th Way Face-Off Segment Creates Ruckus, with only Adam Cole standing in the ring with Title: NXT Takeover in NXT Tonight: NXT Championship in NXT Takeover in Your House All the contestants of Fatal 5 Way came face to face for this. Where all these were expected to clash with each other and this was also seen in today’s show. But it was only Adam Cole who stood in the ring just before NXT went off-air.

Fatal 5-way face-off segment

WWE NXT Results: General Manager William Regal conducted a fatal 5-way face-off segment for tonight. Regal kicks Cross out saying he might be the champion, but he’s not going to run things here. Cross snatches the mic from the GM and says that the Regals don’t run anything. He said that the show has been out of control for a long time and he will not leave the ring until four of his challengers come in.

After this Kyle O’Reilly came out again. Then came Johnny Gargano. Those who chose to stand out from the crowd were standing near the announcement table. The three men were talking to each other. Pete Dunne comes out after Krauss tells him to shut up. Scarlett was in the ring with Cross and O’Reilly. Regal and security personnel were at ringside and Pete Dunne stood on the apron.

Controversy started with the arrival of Adam Cole

WWE NXT Results: Adam Cole was the next opponent to appear but he opted to appear on the big screen. He took shots at all his opponents and called Cross the stupidest of them all, then he said that Cross was afraid to face him face to face and said he would end their title run. After the trash talk is over, a brawl erupts involving everyone except Cole.

O’Reilly was the first to be dropped by Cross. He then attacks the security personnel and Dune. But the security guards capture Cross while O’Reilly releases Cross, then releases Gargano and Dunne. Cross comes running forward and knocks O’Reilly down.

When everyone was down. At that point, Cross raised his right hand with the title in the air. But Cole comes running out of nowhere and hits Cross over the head with a superkick, and the segment ends with Adam Cole lifting the NXT title in the air.