WWE NXT: Injury to this woman superstar of NXT, shared the information herself by sharing the post


WWE NXT- This Woman Superstar of NXT suffered an injury, shared the post by herself: WWE NXT Women’s Superstar Shotzi Blackheart is currently battling with an injury. He himself confirmed this through Twitter. Seeing NXT Superstar, it seemed for a long time that he was injured. But there was no official information on this. But now Blackheart herself has told that she is injured.

Today, on Twitter, Shotji Blackheart has shared a post from his official Twitter account. In which one of his fans asked her if Shotji Blackheart was injured. Responding to which Blackheart wrote yes. From which it is clear that at this time this women’s superstar is facing her injury.

In last week’s episode of NXT, we saw Ember Moon’s tag team partner being attacked by NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez. To take revenge, Ember Moon called Raquel to the ring. Where we also got to see a small brawl between these two. But only then Dakota Kai attacked Ember Moon from behind.


On the May 25 episode of NXT, Moon and Blackheart defeated Gonzalez and Dakota Kai in a tag team bout. After the match, Gonzalez hit Shotzi at the plexiglass barrier, the ring post, and then the barrier. While Kai was watching all this by being forced into the Moon Ring itself.

It is believed that Shotji suffered this injury at the same time and this may have been the reason why Raquel attacked Shotji Blackheart last week. So that she can disappear from NXT TV for a while and recover from her injury. But when, how and where did Shotji Blackheart get this injury. No information on this yet.


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