WWE News: Sonya Deville is going to return to the square circle soon, the superstar has started training


WWE News – Sonya Deville is going to return to the square circle soon, the superstar has started training: Sonya Deville who is currently in the role of an authority figure with Adam Pearce is now returning to the square circle are completely ready. The Devil, who was sent to the main roster along with Mandy Rose after garnering everyone’s acclaim on WWE NXT, last fought a match at WWE SummerSlam 2020.

Sonya’s last match was with her former friend Mandy Rose and according to this match, whoever lost would have left WWE. It was originally planned for this match that the losing Superstar would shave his head, but this plan was later changed and it was stipulated that the loser would leave WWE as the Devil would have to wait for some time due to his own court case. was needed. So she lost this match.

After the court case ended, Devil returned as an authority figure during an episode of WWE SmackDown in January and was joined by Adam Pearce. Sonya has not fought any wrestling match since her return.

According to Ringside News, Devil is now training for her in-ring return. The company had earlier planned for his in-ring return but the company was not able to execute it.

WWE News: The Devil’s in-ring return was planned at WrestleMania season

Ringside News revealed that after Sonya’s return in January 2021, WWE planned to bring Devil back to the ring until the WrestleMania 37 season but “it’s going to be another week, another two weeks, another week, another two weeks.” Keep moving forward.”

As of now she is a major WWE authority who book matches with Adam Pearce. She is expected to return to the Blue Brand after Sonya returns to the ring, where she returned this year and begins another feud against her former friend Mandy Rose.