WWE legend made big predictions about Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Roman Reigns and The Rock for WrestleMania 38


Talking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Vince Russo has already predicted for WrestleMania 38. Vince Russo has worked as Head Writer in WWE and WCW. In the 90s, Rousseau worked on many big storylines. There is still a lot of time for WrestleMania 38 but Russo made a big statement for this mega event. Rousseau spoke about The Rock, Brock Lesner, John Cena and Roman Reigns.

WWE legend predicted for WrestleMania 38

WWE has already started preparing plans for WrestleMania 38. Vince Russo made three predictions for this mega event.

If seen from now, it is about 10 months for this mega event. WWE can do three things for this. It seems to me that these same things will happen in the end. These people can also go to this event with John Cena. If this does not happen, then Brock Lesnar will win the Rumble match and fight against Roman Reigns. After this, The Rock can also be included as a third option.

Vince Russo also said that WWE also needs to focus on new superstars. Rousseau feels that the company should now pay less attention to the old superstars. If WWE does not pay attention to the new superstars from now on, then next year’s mega-event will have to go down with the old superstars. Rumours have been going on for several months about the dream match between The Rock and Roman Reigns. WWE can give a big surprise to the fans by announcing this match next year.

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