WWE: Cesaro made this big disclosure about Sheamus, told what happened between them regarding Euro 2020


WWE-Cesaro made this big disclosure about Sheamus, told what happened about Euro 2020 Between them: Swiss Superman Cesaro and Irishman Sheamus have been friends for a long time. Both of these superstars were part of a team called The Bar on WWE Raw. Where this team of these two also won the Raw Tag Team Titles. Switzerland and Ireland are two football loving countries and when it comes to football these two friends have a tough time.

Cesaro recently had a conversation with News18.com. Where the Swiss Superman was asked about his feud with Seth Rollins and Switzerland’s prospects at the upcoming Euro 2020. Cesaro was the first to say that it took him a long time to engage in a feud of some of the best in the business.

He said that “It took a very long time to get here and it was not only given, you understand you have seen that it has been through a lot of struggles and I feel like we are now on this long journey together. Have come. So that makes it even more special.”

He further added, “What’s in a retailer for me is first to beat Seth Rollins, then to be the World Champion, and then to take that World Championship to the whole world.”

Responding to Switzerland’s prospects at the upcoming Euro 2020, Cesaro said,

“I have said in several interviews before that I am extremely happy to be a global WWE celebrity being from a particular country and I really feel that I connect with people from all over the world as they come to me from a countryside. Let’s see. But now wrestling or WWE is common though it was a dream of mine, I worked hard and made my place in WWE and now I want to take this dream to different countries around the world.”

How Cesaro forced Sheamus to support Switzerland

Sheamus and Cesaro have a great relationship both inside and outside of WWE. The two formed a tag team in WWE called The Bar and also won the Raw Tag Team Titles. Both have interest not only in wrestling but also in football. Recalling an incident related to football, Cicero said,

“Sheamus and I are really a very wonderful and good friend. It was interesting because it got into an interesting part of our career. We both didn’t know where we were going and then you saw that we came together as a team and then later we started living like brothers. Which you could see on TV too. Whenever you see me and Sheamus together we are really in this together. This is no pretense. It’s easy we just let each other fuck. Due to which we have to go to each other. “

“We watch football collectively. We also shopped to see the Euros collectively. He actually ordered the Switzerland jersey as the Irish failed to qualify. So he had to choose the second option. That’s why they chose Switzerland in the end.”

Cesaro is currently out with an injury for the past two weeks. However, he is expected to return before the Hell in a Cell PPV on June 20.