WWE announces the return of John Cena, big plans for fans revealed?


The big news is coming out for WWE fans. The return of veteran John Cena is set to take place in the WWE ring soon. John Cena has been playing the part-timer in WWE since 2017 and at this time his entire focus is in acting career. A recent report by the Wrestling Observer states that WWE is now preparing a big plan on Cena’s return. According to the report, when the fans return, Cena will also be seen in the first show and the company has completed all its preparations.

Big update on John Cena’s return to WWE

Due to COVID-19, all the shows of WWE have been happening without fans for the last one year. WWE has also recently announced its live events. Fans will return to the arena from July. The return of the fans will be a huge success and celebration for WWE. The arrival of fans will double the energy of all superstars. John Cena’s first appearance on the show would be a great idea for WWE.

John Cena was last seen on WWE TV at WrestleMania 36. Cena had a fight with The Find and was defeated in this. Recently, Cena teased his return to WWE on his Instagram account. After this, he also said in an interview that he is eager to return and is waiting for the return of the fans.

The return of John Cena will be great and the Wrestling World is going to have a lot of fun with this thing too. As soon as the fans return, it is certain that Sina will return. Vince McMahon must have prepared a very special plan keeping this in mind.

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