Wukong Character in Free Fire, How to Unlock Wukong in the Game?


Wukong Character in Free Fire, How to unlock Wukong in the game? Check out the complete overview of the Wukong character in Free Fire and Characters and pets are just a few of the fun features that improve the overall gameplay experience for players in Free Fire. To know more about the Wukong Character in Free Fire then read this article given below.

Wukong Character in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire characters aren’t just for show; they each have a unique special survival skill that can completely alter your combat strategy. This includes things like improving your ability to help your teammates, temporarily hiding on the mini-map, and improving your accuracy, among other things. In Garena Free Fire, there are hundreds of characters to choose from, each with their own unique talent. Since the abilities differ so much in terms of what they can do, selecting a character can be as easy as picking the skill that appeals to you the most. Wukong is one of the characters in Free Fire, and we’ll show you how to unlock him in this article given below.

Wukong Character – Overview

Wukong is a new character who will debut in Impulsive Shock Fire Pass on January 1, 2019. This Free Fire Wukong unlock event will run from 2019 to 2099. It means that with only one diamond, you can have Wukong in Garena Free Fire for the next 80 years. Wukong, as everyone knows, is one of the main characters in Wu Cheng’ en’s popular Chinese novel Xi You Ji: Journey to the West. In 1986, this novel was adapted into a major movie hit. Thousands of Asian fans and readers look up to Sun Wukong. Many of the Monkey King’s other stories have been exploited and turned into humorous cartoons and films.


Wukong Character Ability

Camouflage is Wukong’s capacity, and it can only be used when the players are standing still. It has a 300-second cooldown. The character has eight stages, each of which improves the character’s skill. The cooldown is reduced to 200 seconds at the highest speed. This skill is preferred by many users because it allows them to hide from their opponents during battle. Users may also purchase Wukong’s exclusive character sets, Monkey King Armor, and Wukong’s Jacket.

Wukong character in Free Fire
Wukong character in Free Fire

Wukong’s ability is called Camouflage, and it can only be used when the players are standing still. It has a cooldown of 300 seconds. There are eight levels of the character, and with each level, the ability enhances.

At the maximum level, the cooldown reduces to 200 seconds. Many users prefer this ability as it can help them hide from their enemies during combat.

Like every other character, Wukong also has exclusive character sets that can be acquired by the users – Monkey King Armor and Wukong’s Jacket.

How to Unlock Wukong in Free Fire?

Wukong was first available as part of a top-up case, which required users to complete a top-up in order to obtain the character. Now, Wukong can only be unlocked by buying him from the in-game shop. He’d set the customer back 499 diamonds. Do the following steps to unlock him,

Players can follow the steps given below to purchase the character.

Step 1: Open Free Fire and click on the store icon located on the left side of the screen.

Press on the store icon present on the left side of the screen
Press on the store icon present on the left side of the screen

Step 2: The in-game store opens up. Click on the character tab.

Step 3: Scroll down to find ‘Wukong’ and press on the purchase button.

Click on the purchase button
Click on the purchase button

Step 4: A pop-up will appear, asking the users to confirm the purchase.  

Step 5: Players can equip the character from the loadout after successfully purchasing it.

  • Open Free Fire and go to the left side of the screen to the store icon.
  • The in-game store is now available. Select the character tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down before you find ‘Wukong’ and click the buy button.
  • A pop-up will appear, requesting confirmation of the order.
  • After successfully purchasing the character, players can equip it from the loadout.

Check out the video given below to know more about how to unlock  Wukong in Free Fire,

video in hindi

Free Fire Wukong Gameplay

Wukong was given the unusual ability of camouflage by Garena. Wukong can use this ability to turn into a forest, allowing him to avoid being attacked and destroyed by enemies. In level 1, it lasts 14 seconds and takes 300 seconds to cool down. When you upgrade Wukong to level 6, the cooldown is just 200 seconds. Cooldown time decreases by 20 seconds with every stage you gain. Other characters’ special powers, on the other hand, cannot be attached to Wukong. Miguel, Kelly, and Kla, for example, are one of the strongest character combinations in Free Fire. However, in Free Fire Wukong, you cannot combine the abilities of other characters.

How to Use Wukong’s Abilities in Free Fire?

Only when Wukong is standing can you use this skill. Furthermore, you are unable to use the pistol when you transform into a forest. However, before returning to regular status, you can switch around to cover. The timing of this ability can be seen in the top right corner of the screen. The enemy cannot target and shoot you when Wukong transforms into a bush. You also don’t get hurt because of the bush’s form.

What are Some of the Tricks and Abilities Wukong Can do in Free Fire?

Auto Aim Counter

The auto-aim counter is an advantage of the camouflage ability in the Free Fire Wukong gameplay portion. When you get accidental shots, you should turn into the forest, keep going, and find a shelter.

Invisible with Gloo Wall

You can easily build a gloo wall if your enemies spot and shoot at your Wukong character. The wall will provide enough protection for you to flee and use your camouflage abilities. Take a step back and turn into a bush, then remain calm and wait for your enemies to approach and find you. It’s time to kill your enemy once he’s been duped and gives his back to you.

Healing Assistant

Healing assistant is the final but most valuable benefit of the camouflage abilities. While other characters are unable to heal while in combat and must seek cover, Free Fire Wukong can transform into a bush and use medkits to heal while fighting.

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