Genshin Impact: What Is Kucha Gusha & How To Decipher The Hilichurlian Phrase?


Kucha Gusha is an Hilichurlian phrase in Genshin Impact. You will come across this quest during the Mimi Tomo event. A lot of players are struggling to find the meaning of Kucha Gusha in Genshin Impact. Not to worry, it is an extremely simple quest, below is the answer.

What Is Kucha Gusha?

Ella’s Hilichurlian translation guide given to players at the start of the event contains all the information necessary for translating Hilichurlian phrases. The phrases in the handbook usually don’t contain direct translations, so players will have to do some interpreting to figure things out.

The Hilichurl that players speak with on day five of the event will ask for ‘Kucha Gusha’. According to the handbook, ‘Kucha gusha’ means a seed. It also states that ‘Kucha’ means small. While Hilichurls don’t farm, they have a habit of stockpiling seeds, so it’s likely the seed referenced isn’t for a typical crop. With this information, it can be determined that the small seed being spoken about is a Dandelion Seed.

Dandelion Seeds are a Mondstadt local specialty, and can be found in the wild throughout the region. They’re most prevalent around the front gates of Mondstadt, however they can be found in clusters on cliffs and around Statues of the Seven too. Players must use an Anemo attack (such as the traveler’s Anemo Elemental Skill) on a Dandelion plant to access the Dandelion Seed. Like all other local specialties, they regrow 48 hours after being picked.

Dandelion Seeds can be used for both crafting and character ascension. Certain potions and essential oils require a Dandelion Seed, as well as the recipe for an Anemoculus Resonance Stone. Outside of crafting, both Jean and Eula require Dandelion Seeds for ascension, so players who have worked on building those two characters should already have some Dandelion Seeds in their inventory.

Once the item has been handed to the Hilichurl, it will inform the player where the Unusual Hilichurl that needs to be defeated is. Defeating the Unusual Hilichurl will gift primogems and furniture blueprints, so players will want to brush up on their Hilichurlian to complete the Mimi Tomo event before it ends!

Genshin Impact Hilichurlian

Any seed will work here, and you can find that in abundance in the open areas. All you have to do is have one in the inventory. The fastest way to complete the Kucha Gusha is to find Dandelion Seeds. Go and explore the regions near the mountains and cliffs. You will find them around some statues. It is not that tough to find. You can also give Almonds to the Hilichurlian to complete the quest. Here almost any seed will work.

Using the Anemo attack you can break down the Dandelion Plant and collect the seat out of it. You can recollect more of these seeds from the same location after two days, which is approx 48 hours. They grow back, but you do not really need a lot of them. Dandelion Seeds can also be used in crafting in Genshin Impact.

Collect the Dandelion Seeds and return to the Hilichurlian and give the seed. Next is to fight the Hilichurlian and defeat the character. By doing this you will earn some primo-gems and blueprints for furniture.