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Warframe has been one of the most popular free-to-play games out there. Released back in 2013, the game has witnessed exponential growth over the years. Developers Digital Extremes regularly releases updates for the game, adding tons of new content in the game.

Warframe Update 29.10 Release Date is out, and Warframe players are not able to contain their excitement about the new update and the Corpus Railjack Update will give players a Corpus Railjack experience in new regions and Points of Interest to explore.

Warframe has received a new update today. Here are the patch notes of the Corpus Proxima and New Railjack Update. We have mentioned the notable additions from the patch notes below, and you can find the complete list of additions and changes in the Warframe forums

Warframe Update 29.10 Release Date

Warframe is a popular free-to-play game that released in 2013. Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe has recently released Update 29.10, which will add tons of new content to the game, and players are curious to know about the Warframe Update 29.10 Release Date. Well, the Warframe Update 29.10 released on March 19, 2021. The Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack Update aims to simplify the Railjack experience for new and existing players.

Warframe Update 29.10 Patch Notes

Warframe Update can be downloaded on PC and will also be available for all console players. The patch notes of the Corpus Proxima and Railjack Update are as given below:

New Corpus Proxima Regions

Robots and Crewmen are taking to the skies and have greatly expanded the Proxima Star Chart – three new planets (Venus, Neptune and Pluto Proxima) will introduce new enemies, new Points of Interest and more. There will also be the most difficult missions for Corpus Railjack added to the Veil Proxima. 

The types of missions available are now more diversified, in our efforts to further combine the Railjack experience with regular Warframe gameplay.

Some of these new mission types will already be familiar – classic Defense and Exterminate modes will occasionally be the main objective of a Railjack mission. Fight your way into the capital ship as a team, and extract back to Railjack upon completion.

If it’s loot you’re after, those greedy Corpus in the Corpus Proxima have many secrets to explore! Leave no container unopened, no vessel untouched, no enemy unbothered!

Each Corpus Proxima mission has structures for keen Tenno to explore and loot. Happy hunting! 

Ice Mines: Neptune Proxima

Derelict Freightlinker: Pluto Proxima and Veil Proxima

Orokin Shield Derelict: Venus Proxima

We have also added two new mission types! 

The first, known as Orphix, will be familiar to anyone who played the Orphix Venom event – take down the Sentient invaders, making use of Operators and Necramechs to circumvent the nullifier pulse fields. Similar to the Operation, if you do not own a Necramech of your own there are downed Necramechs available in mission for you to use. Instead of earning event currency, these missions can reward Arcanes, offering an alternative to Eidolon capturing squads. Orphix nodes will be locked if you have not completed the Second Dream due to heavy spoilers!

The second is known as Volatile! This completely new Mission type will offer the means to sabotage a Capital ship. Help Cephalon Cy from the inside by making use of the environment to cause a Reactor failure, while fighting off Engineers who can stop you!

New Corpus Railjack Enemies

With new Proxima regions unveiled come new Railjack enemies of the Corpus variety! Corpus Proximas are loaded with special units engineered to withstand the outer limits of the Star Chart, and also bring you down.

Each Corpus Proxima has identifiable units:

Venus Proxima: TARO

Neptune Proxima: AXIO

Pluto Proxima: VORAC

Veil Proxima (Corpus nodes): ORM

Arm your Railjack to fend off HARPI attack fighters armed with rapid-fire plasma cannons, WEAVER fighters who spin and launch target-seeking globes of highly-charged plasma, BASILISK fighters with tracking turrets that deliver focused bursts from its energy beam, and many more!

Storm Capital Stanchion ships to battle ATLOC RAKNOIDS upgraded with a thorax-mounted missile launcher, VAMBAC special units equipped with proximity-grenade launcher, CULVERI MOAS armed with a high-intensity thermal beam, the Corpus Proxima Elite AURAX units, and many more!

Hijack enemy Corpus Crewships to take control of not only flight, but also their Missile Swarm firepower!

New Railjack Resource

Ticor Plate

High-density alloy armor plating used in the construction of offensive spacecraft.

This resource is a catch-all essential Forge Resource for Tenno! Ticor Plate can be fed to Helminth for Bile.

Removed Railjack Resources

We are removing 6 Railjack Resources from drop tables:

  • Pustrels
  • Copernics
  • Trachons
  • Kesslers
  • Bracoid
  • Fresnels

We wanted to reduce the number of Resources we introduced in our original Railjack launch. They’ll remain in your Inventory as we’ll be looking at possibly reintroducing them at a later date. All Blueprints that required these items have been updated to reflect viable Resources, and respective drops have been swapped to Ticor Plate where appropriate. These Resources have also been removed from Helminths Bile Feeding menu. If you spot any mentions of these Resources that we might have missed please let us know!

For Tenno who have partially contributed these Resources to Wreckage, the percentage of your contribution will be honoured for the Resource that replaces it. Ex: If you contributed 60% of the needed Copernics for a Carcinnox, that 60% contribution will be carried over when the Blueprints are updated.

Additionally, we are taking this opportunity to simplify Forge recipes to reduce the variety of resources needed. All forgeable items will require some combination of:

  • Ticor Plate
  • Titanium
  • Cubic Diodes (Corpus Proximas)
  • Carbides (Grineer Proximas)

New Railjack Focused Sentinel


  • With ‘Auto Omni’ and ‘Cordon’ as default Precepts, this Sentinel is the ideal companion for long voyages aboard a Railjack.

Find Nautilus in the Market for Platinum or its Blueprint/Components in Corpus Railjack Ice Mines! 

Auto Omni Precept Mod

  • Nautilus has 100% chance to repair nearby Railjack Hull damages and extinguishes fires on Railjack. Cooldown: 20s

Cordon Precept Mod

  • Nautilus forces enemies within 30m of the target into clusters for easier targeting. Cooldown: 15s

Both the Auto Omni Precept and Cordon Precept Mod are automatically given when Crafting or purchasing the Nautilus Sentinel! 

THE NEW RAILJACK: Railjack Retrofit!

What’s Changed:

Warframe has several key strengths that have helped it stand the test of time in the world of video games. One of these strengths is a sense of “flow”; blade and gun blend together, and mission objectives are clear, challenging reflexes and awareness. From your first foray into the Star Chart, mission progress flows into Junction progress, leading to Questlines and other systems opening up naturally.

Enter Railjack. Technology from the Old War that, when wielded today, could take all of Warframe’s combat to Orbit. We tried many things that were different from the norm. While some elements did offer a unique spin on the existing formula, it was not for everybody, and many complaints cited the amount of separation from the main game as a negative. And we agree. To quote the venerable Cephalon Cy: We have work to do.

As we revisit Railjack in 2021, our overall goal is to simplify these points of friction, better integrating Warframe’s signature “flow”. This flow has evolved over the years for core Warframe, thanks in no small part to our continuous overhauls and revisits. From ‘Bullet Jumping’ to ‘The Sword Alone’, our path is rarely straight forward. If any Tenno out there chose to customize their Railjack Ship and name it ‘Theseus’, you may be onto something.

What is ‘The New Railjack’? The name is deceivingly simple. The depth will be explored in this workshop below, indexed by the way you will interact with it.

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