Valorant Version Mismatch Error Fix: Get Back in the Game

Illustration of a gamer solving the Valorant Version Mismatch Erro

In the ever-evolving world of Valorant, where thrilling tactical battles await, players occasionally encounter obstacles like the notorious "Valorant Version Mismatch Error." This vexing issue can thwart your gaming endeavors by preventing you from connecting to the action-packed world of Valorant. Fear not, for in this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of this error and provide you with a step-by-step solution to get you back in the game.

What Is the Valorant Version Mismatch Error?

Picture this: you're in the midst of an intense Valorant match, fully immersed in the gameplay, and suddenly, a menacing error message disrupts your focus. You've just encountered the Valorant Version Mismatch Error. This unwelcome visitor rears its head when the game receives a new patch update. You might also spot it after completing a game or when perusing your friend list, where it appears next to a friend's name. Additionally, a sluggish internet connection can trigger this error, leaving you frustrated and disconnected.

Causes for Version Mismatch Error in Valorant

Understanding the underlying causes of the Valorant Version Mismatch Error is the first step towards resolving it. Fortunately, these reasons are neither complex nor shrouded in technical jargon. They are as straightforward as they come:

1. Outdated Game or Client Version

One of the most common culprits behind the Version Mismatch Error is having an outdated game or client version. Valorant frequently updates its content with new bundles, agent patches, and bug fixes. If your client lags behind these updates, you're likely to encounter this error.

2. Bad Internet Connection

Before launching Valorant, the Riot client diligently checks for the latest updates. However, if your internet connection is unreliable, this update check may fail, leading to the Version Mismatch Error. It's imperative to ensure a stable connection to avoid this issue.

3. Files Corruption

Misplaced game files or the presence of conflicting third-party applications, such as antivirus or tracker overlay apps, can wreak havoc on your Valorant experience. These conflicts can result in the Version Mismatch Error rearing its ugly head.

Steps to Fix the Valorant Version Mismatch Error

Now that we've identified the enemy, let's arm ourselves with the knowledge to defeat it. Whether you're attempting to launch the game or already in the throes of battle, you can take these steps to rectify the error:

1. Update the Game to the Latest Version

  1. Exit the game.
  2. Click the Windows button and search for the Riot client.
  3. Open the client and click on Valorant; you'll find an update button in the bottom left corner.
  4. Click the Update button to initiate the download.
  5. Once the update is complete, click "Play" to launch the game, bidding adieu to the Version Mismatch Error.

2. Repair Valorant Game Files

Should updating the game prove ineffective, a technical issue with your game files might be the culprit. Follow these steps to rectify it:

  1. Open the Riot client and click your profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select the "Settings" option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Access the Valorant settings within your Riot client, then click the "Repair" button. This action will mend any corrupted or conflicting files within your game directory.
  4. After the repair process is complete, launch the game to find the Version Mismatch Error vanquished.

3. Restart Your Windows PC

In some cases, Windows may struggle to read files after an update or repair in your Riot client, leading to errors in Valorant. Fortunately, a quick restart can be the remedy:

  1. Close both your game and Riot client.
  2. Restart your Windows 10/11 PC.
  3. Launch the game once more, and you'll be back in the Valorant action, free from errors.

4. Reinstall the Game

If all else fails and the Version Mismatch Error still persists, a complete reinstallation may be the solution. Follow these steps for a fresh start:

  1. Exit the game.
  2. Use the Windows + I shortcut to access the Settings app.
  3. Navigate to the "Apps" section.
  4. Find Valorant and the Riot client, then click "Uninstall."
  5. After removal, visit the Valorant website and download the latest client.
  6. This clean slate will eliminate any lingering issues or Version Mismatch Errors, providing a bug-free gaming experience.
  7. Following the reinstallation, consider restarting your Windows PC for optimal results.


In the tumultuous world of Valorant, encountering the Version Mismatch Error can be a frustrating ordeal. However, armed with the knowledge and solutions provided in this guide, you can swiftly overcome this obstacle and return to the battlefield, ready to conquer your foes. Don't let technical hiccups hold you back; instead, let your gaming prowess shine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Valorant Version Mismatch Error?

  • The Valorant Version Mismatch Error occurs when the game client is out of sync with the most recent game version, preventing players from connecting to the game.

2. What are the common causes of the Version Mismatch Error in Valorant?

  • The primary causes include having an outdated game or client version, a poor internet connection, or corrupted files due to third-party apps.

3. How can I fix the Valorant Version Mismatch Error?

  • You can fix this error by updating the game to the latest version, repairing Valorant game files, restarting your Windows PC, or, as a last resort, reinstalling the game and Riot client.

4. Why is it important to keep Valorant updated?

  • Keeping Valorant updated is crucial to ensure that you have access to the latest content, bug fixes, and improvements, while also avoiding Version Mismatch Errors.

5. Can a slow internet connection cause the Version Mismatch Error?

  • Yes, a slow or unreliable internet connection can prevent the Riot client from successfully checking for updates, leading to the Version Mismatch Error in Valorant.